Austin Pets Alive! | We Need To See Vega’s Heart! – FUND COMPLETE!…
Oct 08, 2015

We Need To See Vega’s Heart! – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

Vega is a 7yr Old Terrier Mix that needs help! She has diagnosed skin cancer and malignant tumors but she is doing well! Both have been removed and so now we are just monitoring her for new areas of concern.

X-rays were recently taken to see if the cancer had spread(it has not!) but her heart has a concerning pattern and the vets think she may have heart disease as well.

Sadly she has been with Austin Pets Alive since Dec. 2013 and is still looking for her forever home. Until that happens APA is committed to providing her with all the love and care she needs!

By helping pay for this ultrasound you are helping APA to continue to treat Vega as well other dogs like her!