Austin Pets Alive! | Xyla’s Seizures – FUND COMPLETED!
Sep 27, 2018

Xyla’s Seizures – FUND COMPLETED!

Tiny little Xyla has been with us for most of her life, she arrived at APA! as a bottle baby, where she received round the clock care until she was only enough to leave the Neonatal Nursery. Since leaving the nursery she has moved to our Ringworm Adoption center where she continues to receive lots of cuddles and love. Unfortunately, over the last week, young Xyla has experienced a few seizures, which, thankfully, our APA! Clinic team has been able to control with medication. Now our vets want to perform a couple of tests to determine what exactly is causing Xyla’s seizures and how we can best help her live a normal, playful, kitten life!