Austin Pets Alive! | Yakira
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Jul 16, 2012


This adorable 3 week old kitten, Yakira, will soon be joining the cyclops club! As soon as she is big enough, her left eyeball is going to be surgically removed. The veterinarian team is sounding the fundraising alarm now because the infection causes her pain and irritation. Yakira deserves surgery immediately upon becoming of age and the relief from a bandaged noggin. Won’t you donate towards little Yarika’s surgery and her admission into the club of cyclops cats?

Yakira is one of our many kittens in the neonatal nursery that has saved over 1,000 kittens this year, which is the total number saved in the entire last year. ‘Tis the season of kittens! Please consider donating, fostering, volunteering, or adopting today!