Austin Pets Alive! | You can help Lear today!
Feb 20, 2014

You can help Lear today!

Isn’t Lear handsome! He is a 3yr old Great Dane mix that first came to APA 2 years ago when he was owner surrendered due to parvo. The medical team treated Lear’s parvo and he was adopted shortly after. Just a few days ago his adopter contacted us because he was being re-homed but had lost all of the jaw tone of his lower jaw. Can you imagine not being able to close your mouth? Poor pup. After several vet visits the adopter was at a loss and he was returned to APA for treatment. Can you help us figure out why Lear has no movement of his lower jaw? He is in foster care and doing well; being fed by a syringe and wearing a loose muzzle to keep his mouth semi closed, but tests and diagnostics are needed to get him back to the Lear we knew 2 years ago! You can help make this happen today!