Austin Pets Alive! | You Helped Princess Walk Again
Jun 24, 2014

You Helped Princess Walk Again

Your donations saved Princess’s life and helped find her very own family.

Now she knows there’s no place like home.


Scared, alone and unable to walk, Princess needed love. You were there for her. Your donations provided emergency surgery to save her life, follow-up surgery to save her leg and ongoing care.

Today, Princess is a healthy, rambunctious little lady with an adorable limp and a family that loves her.

Thousands of dogs and cats just like Princess are saved from death by your donations to APA!. You see an injured animal in need of surgery, treatment, time or love and, each time, you step up to help out.

You have an opportunity to step up again today. Your donation will help APA! save dogs and cats just like Princess, reminding these amazing animals they are never really alone.

APA! became one of the country’s no kill leaders because of programs like the Medical Triage clinic which saved Princess’ life. The Medical Clinic has saved more than 6,000 animals from euthanasia since 2013, operating as an emergency clinic while simultaneously handling routine treatments. APA! addresses historically under-served animal’s needs by maintaining comprehensive programs like this clinic, the Parvovirus clinic, neonatal kitten nursery and ringworm ward.

With your help, Austin Pets Alive! saves the healthy and treatable pets most at risk of being killed in a shelter. Whether they are a 3 month old puppy with Parvo, a 3-day old unweaned kitten, or a 14 year old cat with feline leukemia, you help make it possible for dedicated APA! programs to save thousands of lives each year.

With a focus solely on the pets who have been passed over by other groups and adoption programs, our impact remains vast. You make this work possible.When an animal is placed on the list for euthanasia and APA! steps in to save that life, it is your love and support that animal feels so strongly.

Please help APA! continue saving lives like Princess’ by donating today.

Watching Princess walk into the loving arms of her new mom after not knowing whether she would walk again is what inspires our team to stay dedicated to the APA! mission.

Will you help another animal live to learn there’s no place like home?


Ellen Jefferson, DVM

Executive Director, Austin Pets Alive!

P.S. The dogs and cats at APA! know they’re never alone… because they have you. Please give today.