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Looking for a way to manage--and even expand--your philanthropic giving? Consider donating through a donor-advised fund!

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Support APA! by giving through a Donor Advised Fund

Donor-advised funds (DAFs) are a popular means for giving to APA! and can be a tax-advantageous way to donate. Often seen as a “charitable savings account,” a DAF allows you to deposit funds into an account at a sponsoring non-profit organization, community foundation, or financial institution, resulting in an immediate tax benefit. Your sponsoring institution manages your fund, while you decide when and to which organizations your gifts are distributed. The size of your gifts and the charities and causes you benefit are completely up to you.

If you have a donor-advised fund with any provider, please consider making a distribution to Austin Pets Alive!. This online tool allows you to communicate your wishes, share the details of your gift and can help you navigate to your provider.

Contact your legal or financial advisor to establish a DAF of your own. If you already have a DAF and wish to support APA! through it, contact us with any questions.

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The Advantages of a DAF

DAFs grow tax-free, allowing you to increase your philanthropy and your impact.

Starting a DAF is easy and can often even be established online.

A DAF can be a more affordable option than establishing a private foundation.

A wide range of assets may be accepted, such as cash, stocks, and real estate, to name a few.

DAFs help you track your donations, allowing you to give strategically.

Please note that while you may choose to give anonymously through a DAF, we have no way to acknowledge your gift or thank you unless you provide your name and contact information with your DAF donations. We keep your information strictly private.

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Aug 26, 2023

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