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Project Overview

Eight thousand animals enter Laredo Animal Care Services (LACS) every year—but just half make it out of this shelter alive. LACS wants to do better for the animals—and we’re going to help them do it.

Immediate priorities include:

  • Addressing disease management and applying effective treatment protocols

  • Reducing overcrowding through expanded adoptions, fostering, and volunteering; transport partnerships; cat-specific programming; and providing support to owned pets to prevent unnecessary surrenders

  • Presenting an accurate and transparent picture of the shelter needs to the community

Goals to be accomplished by the end of 2023:

  • Reaching an overall live release rate of 90% for both cats and dogs

  • Recognizing LACS as one of the best animal shelters in the region

  • Creating an animal welfare “roadmap” prototype for other shelters to use to achieve No Kill, throughout Texas and across the country

Laredo Animal Care Services is underfunded, and under-resourced, and is one of the least safe shelters in Texas for animals.They simply can’t fix this on their own, and cats and dogs are losing their lives every single day because of it.

LACS wants to do more for the animals. They asked for our help, and we did not hesitate to say YES.

Austin Pets Alive! is in Laredo NOW giving LACS the tools and support to become a modern, humane, effective model of animal services—while developing a replicable guide to lifesaving that can be used in any community.

With your support, Laredo Animal Care Services can save 90% of animals. LACS is poised to become one of the best animal shelters in the region—and serve as proof that with support, a roadmap, and the will to do it, any shelter can become a model of lifesaving.

This change won’t happen without you. The animals can’t wait and neither can we!