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Five Star Foster Program

APA!’s Five Star Foster Program places dogs with specific behavior or medical needs into appropriate foster homes in order to reduce their stress, continue their training, and teach them what a loving home environment is.

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What’s a Five Star Foster?

Five Star Fosters provide a temporary home for APA! dogs that may be more challenging to place, many of whom might have behavior or medical needs that require extra patience, training and support. Austin Pets Alive! takes in around 5,000 dogs every year that are at risk of euthanasia in shelters that don’t have enough space or resources to care for them. Many of these dogs find loving forever homes relatively quickly after making their way to safety at APA!. Others, however, may have a harder time adjusting to life inside and outside of the shelter. These dogs, in particular, need a dedicated foster home where they can decompress, heal, learn and let their true personalities shine through. The Five Star Foster Program was created to support and celebrate the incredible group of fosters that go above and beyond for this most in need population of dogs.

What perks do you receive as a Five Star Foster?

Other than the absolute joy that comes with watching a dog transform for the better, there are other perks offered exclusively to our Five Star Fosters.