Volunteer² New User Guide

Thanks for signing up for the new APA! volunteer management system! If you haven’t already created a user profile, fill out an application. For this manual, we will be following “Test Volunteer” as she uses the Volunteer² Volunteer Management system accessible via MyVolunteerPage.com. There are 7 tabs along the top of the home screen:


Sign-Up Tab

Under the Sign-Up tab you can sign up for an activity that has scheduled shifts. Our Test Volunteer attended the Dog Break-Out Session at orientation, so she is eligible to sign up for all the activities shown in the screen shot below. Had she gone to the Cat Break-Out Session, she would see many cat activities instead. Volunteers who have been to both Break-Out Sessions or who attended orientation before the Break-Out sessions were implemented or after the presentations were combined will see both sets of activities.


Columns Displayed in the Sign-Up Tab

Activities are listed under the category to which they belong. Each activity has various attributes. You can move your mouse over any of the headings to see more information.

  • Type – Activity Type: whether or not the activity is Scheduled (dates and times for shifts), Unscheduled (no dates or times) or Seasonal (no shifts; only occurs between two dates)
  • Av – Generally Available: whether or not the activity’s dates and times match your general availability
  • Q – Qualified: whether or not you have the qualifications associated with the activity
  • Su – Signed up: whether or not you are signed up as available for a shift of the activity
  • As – Assigned: whether or not you have been assigned to a shift of the activity
  • BL – Backup List: whether or not you are on the backup list for the activity
  • S – Available Shifts: the number of shifts that have space available for you to sign up
  • Start Date: the date of the next shift of the activity (if scheduled) or the start date for a seasonal activity
  • End Date: the date of the last shift of the activity (if scheduled) or the end date for a seasonal activity

In this example, the only activity with scheduled shifts is the Weekend Kennel Tech activity, which has the icon of a calendar under “Type”. The rest of the activities show a calendar with a red line through it because they are unscheduled. As APA! teams become more familiar with Vol², team leads will begin to use more scheduling functionality. Volunteers can still log hours for unscheduled activities under the Hours Log tab (discussed below).


In this example, the volunteer is going to select Weekend Kennel Tech and sign up for a shift:

For activities with many shifts, Vol² can filter what shifts you see based on day of the week and time of day. Volunteers can also choose to see only those shifts they have signed up for under “Filter the list of shifts”. In this example the volunteer wants to see shifts between 10-12 am on Saturdays:


She then signs up for and confirms some of the shifts:



One thing to note is that signing up for a shift does not automatically log that shift in your hours log. Vol² is working on automating this; however, for now volunteers will need to manually log the hours for any shifts they take (explained further in the Logging Hours section, below).

Assignments Tab

The Assignments tab shows all the activities for which the volunteer has signed up, including the Weekend Kennel Tech shift she just signed up for. By clicking on “Email me a weekly schedule reminder” the volunteer can select to receive weekly reminders.


By hovering over the calendar icon, the volunteer can also select to add the shift to her personal calendar. She can select either “Add to Calendar”, “Add to Google Calendar” or “Add to Yahoo! Calendar”:


Hours Log Tab

All logged hours are reviewed on a regular basis by team leads, and APA! relies on volunteers to remember to log their own hours in order to track overall volunteer participation. High volunteer participation qualifies APA! for special grants. Participation data is also crucial to gauge volunteer satisfaction, solicit feedback, customize programs, etc. The Volunteer Coordination team will also use weekly and monthly participation totals to award special volunteer and team participation awards as we kick off use of the system, so please remember to log your hours!!! Setting up a calendar reminder or making it part of your daily routine are a good way to remember to log your hours. :)

APA! also requires 6 hours a month participation from volunteers, and has to pay a fee per Vol² user, so to minimize system costs we will have to remove any volunteers who are inactive without a reason (traveling, family reasons, sickness are all valid reasons). Volunteers can contact the email hidden; JavaScript is required and request to be placed on short term (holiday) or long term (extended leave) inactive status in order to stop receiving reminders, prompts for hourly logging, etc. APA! does not have to pay a fee for inactive status volunteers.

How to Log Hours

Volunteers can log their hours one of three ways:

  • By going to the Hours Log tab on their Vol² page
  • From their handheld device
  • By using the time clock app at TLAC

NOTE: As mentioned under the Sign Up section, volunteers who sign up for a shift will also have to manually enter the hours for that shift using one of the three methods detailed below. Signing up for a shift does not automatically result in that shift’s hours being added to the volunteer’s hours log.

As we saw in the Sign-Up section, most activities do not currently have schedules; however volunteers can still log hours for these activities via the Hours Log tab. The one exception is dog walking and general dog support TLAC hours – these must be logged by signing in and out of the Time Clock application at TLAC if volunteers want those hours to count towards their JumpStart totals – this is covered in the Time Clock section!

To log hours for a specific activity, select the activity from the Activity drop down menu. If you don’t see the activity, this may be due to one of several reasons. The activity may not exist yet, your qualifications may not allow you to see the activity and need to be changed, or there is another activity which you should be using instead. Please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required so we can investigate.

In this example the volunteer wants to log 2.5 hours she volunteered at a PET Squad event on 3/14/2014:


She selects the PET Squad activity, fills in the date and hours volunteered, and clicks Save:


Volunteers can book hours for any time in the past, for any activity they are eligible for.

Logging Hours From a Handheld Device

The same Hours Log can be accessed through a handheld device. Go to MyVolunteerPage.mobi. Enter your user login and password on the mobile page, and use same procedure as listed above for “Hours Log”.


Logging Hours Using Time Clock App at TLAC

As mentioned earlier, volunteers who are taking part of the JumpStart Dog Walking Program (see HERE for more details) must log dog walking and dog support hours (laundry, kennel tech, yard cleanup, kong stuffing, etc.) on the Time Clock page located on the computer by the back door in the TLAC reception area.

Only hours logged by a volunteer logging in and out of a computer equipped with the Time Clock app will count towards the hourly thresholds and qualification levels for the JumpStart Program. (You may still self log hours in those categories in the Hours Log tab if you wish – they just won’t count towards the dog program levels/qualifications – this is fine for volunteers who are not interested in or have already completed the JumpStart Program).

If any more teams decide to use Time Clock for logging of hours (the neonatal/BB group is exploring this option) we will notify volunteers of developments. The Time Clock application at TLAC can also be used by any volunteer who wishes to log their time at TLAC and does not prefer to self-log from home later (cattery, medical, BB, etc.). More computer stations will be available in the future.

How to Use the Time Clock

When you sit at the reception computer, or any other TLAC computer designated as a TimeClock station (for now only the reception computer), you will see this screen:


Log into the Time Clock by using your Vol² user name and password:


Select the activity you are about to begin and click “Start Clock”:


Then click “OK” and you will be logged out of the Time Clock:


When you are finished with your shift, go back to the Time Clock kiosk and log in using your Vol² user name and password. The clock will continue to run until you sign back in to stop the clock:


You can stop the clock and start a new task, or just stop and leave:


It is not necessary to start and stop the clock for each task you perform at TLAC, unless you wish to track all your different activities for personal use. Just select the task you will be performing the longest during your stay.

Contact Tab

A volunteer can contact different team leaders by using the “Contact” tab in Vol². Additionally, if you are part of a team that allows volunteers to email all team members, that team will appear in your contact list:


Emails sent via Vol² will come from the volunteer’s primary email address, and responses will be sent to the volunteer’s personal email. You do not need to log into Vol² to receive emails sent via the application.

Reports Tab

The reports tab allows volunteers to run reports on their hours and activities, these reports are in PDF format and can also be exported.


My Profile Tab

The My Profile tab allows users to update their information, view their qualifications, set hour goals, and load a profile picture. If anything looks wrong, send an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required. Staff and team leads are responsible for updating volunteer qualifications.


That completes the tour of Vol²’s basic functionality. Please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required if you have any questions, and thank you for your participation!