Volunteer Management

If you have any questions about Vol² or need help getting signed up, contact the APA! Vol² support team at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Getting Started

  1. Go to the APA! Vol² Application for Existing Volunteers, and you will see this welcome screen:
  2. Create a user name and enter your email address. Make sure your user name is easy to remember since you will be using it to log your hours. If you are working to qualify for the dog JumpStart program, you will be tracking your hours via a time clock kiosk at TLAC.
  3. Fill out all the required fields. Items with a blue asterisk are mandatory. The email address you provide will be used as the main method of contact for APA! volunteer matters. Your data will not be shared with any other organizations and is kept on a secure server by Vol².
  4. For more information about a field or choice, click on the i.
  5. Click on “View Organization’s Policies” to review APA! policies. If you agree with them, check the “I agree” box and click “Save and Continue”.
  6. For “General Interests”, select the area(s) you are interested in (or have been volunteering in) for APA!
  7. The “General Availability” section is optional but will help you identify activities scheduled during convenient times. If you complete this section it will not limit you to only volunteering during those checked times.
  8. Entering your interests and availability will also enable team leaders to identify volunteers who may be available and interested in a particular activity.
  9. Please fill in all applicable fields.
    • We ask for your date of birth so we can verify your age.
    • The employer field is required because many times employees are unaware that their employers offer donation or hour matching, or special promotions. Knowing where our volunteers work helps APA! identify those employers and possibly obtain additional “free” funds for our mission.
    • “Why are you interested in volunteering with APA!?” is helpful for our PR and Volunteer Coordination teams in order to increase volunteer satisfaction and for recruiting.


  10.   For the “Post-Orientation Questions” sections:
    • “Orientation Date 1” – Provide your best guess for the date you attended volunteer orientation.
    • “Break-Out Session Attended (Date 1)” – Select the break-out session you attended that day. If you had orientation before the cat/dog break-out sessions were implemented or after the presentation was combined, select “Neither” for the field.
    • “Orientation Date 2” & “Break-Out Session Attended (Date 2)” – If you attended a second orientation session to complete the break-out session you missed the first day, enter that information as well.


  11.  Select all volunteer opportunities you are interested in or groups/teams you have already been volunteering with. This section is very important because it will help our team leaders identify which volunteers to contact.
  12.  Review the “Volunteer Agreement” and the “Volunteer Release & Waiver” by clicking the i. After you have read each one, indicate if you agree with them and click “Save”.
  13.  Thank you for taking the time to complete the new APA! volunteer application!