2021 Platinum Fosters

Please join us in thanking APA!'s 2021 Platinum Fosters!

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Aleia and Magnus
Angela Stone
Anisha Murarka
Barbara Pate
Blair Stirek
Brian Johnson
Carol M. Swirczek
Carrie M. Smith
Cass Garner
Cassandra Mensing
Cathy King
Christina Merrida
Claudia Boisvert
Corey Stanfield
Courtney Hatchett
Daniel Barrett
Debi Evans
Elisa Quintana and Polly Rodela
Ellen Jefferson
Emily Barclay
Enrique Barrera
Erin Einbender
Faith M. Wright
Gail Dickinson
Gloria Segrest
Haley Brenna
Heather White
Howard Lu
Ishmeet Singh
Jason Shaw
Jen Troke
Jennifer Bass
Jillian Fredericks
Jonathan Juarez and Pooja Shah
Jordan Sander
Jordana Moerbe
Karen Preston
Karen Sims
Kari Gaukler
Kathleen Hymes
Katy Collins
Kayla Stahl
Laura Gill, Maggie Phillips, & Maggie Dodson
Laura Kearns
Leigh Fitzpatrick
Leo Carter
Linda Mitchell
Linda O'Herron
Lindsey Fontenot
Lisa Smitherman
‘Lucky’ Andreini
Lucy Charlotte MacQueen
Mary Jo Chapla
Marzena Szostak
Megan Shirley
Mike Wichern
Mikhaila Moynihan
Miranda Tucker
Mona & Corrina Nafziger
Nancy Bedingfield
Nicole Stakenas
Norma Cipres
Óluva Reinert
Pam Garcia
Pamela Anne Martin
Panika Dillon
Priscilla Guereque
Rachel Lee
Rosemary Mason
Sandy Vickers
Sara Bell
Sarah Bassett
Sarah Lyons
Stephanie Bilbro
Steve Goldstraw
Taylor Ralston & Jennifer Morgan
The Balliette Family
The Capo Family
The Dog(a) Family
The Montoya Family
The Steinhofer Family
The Xu Family
Theresa Nguyen
Travis Tyler
Trisha Trueper
Ty Senour
Tyler Wallingford
Veronica Ward
Wendy and Jon Petersen
Wendy Summers Silkey
Wes Schmidt
Whitney Callari
Yee Leong
Zoe Trautz

An APA! Platinum Foster is any APA! foster who in the subject calendar year:

  • Is active and in good standing; and
  • Fostered 15 or more dogs OR for a cumulative half of the year fostered a long stay dog (300+ days) or 3 or more dogs.

*If a foster does not qualify under this definition but has demonstrated a very significant commitment to our program or fostering the most challenging cases, the Dog Foster Manager may designate that foster a Platinum Foster.

An APA! Platinum Foster enjoys the following benefits:

  • Public recognition (unless the foster opts out)
  • 30% discount at each APA! Thrift Store (the standard foster discount is 20%) for the calendar year
  • Platinum foster T-shirt
  • Any perks or advance/priority status opportunities that present themselves throughout the year

Thank you so much to all of our 2021 Platinum Fosters!

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