Saving Pets Challenge

Watch this video to learn how you can help APA! have a chance to win $50,000!

Check out what APA!’s friend Justin Theroux has to say:
“I’m honored to be working with all the truly wonderful people at
APA! One of the finest, most unique and INNOVATIVE #noKill shelters in the country. APA! is hoping to raise 150k by June 1st. Which we can DO! C’mon! We got this people! If crowdsourcing can raise thousands of dollars for your weird friends wireless-juicer-drone-fitness-band student film or whatever, we can CERTAINLY raise the money these amazing animals TRULY NEED to keep them and countless others alive. They need our help… they would ask you themselves but sadly, they can’t talk, never will and even when we try and teach them they usually just wind up licking us. They are truly terrible fundraisers, which is why they need YOU!”

Austin Pets Alive! has a long history of helping animals most in need – the forgotten ones, the ones with no champions, the voiceless and the hurting – by deliberately focusing only on the pets most challenging to save. And this is part of what makes APA! so different from other shelters in the country. With your support, we’ve developed the revolutionary and unique set of programs that allowed us to help Austin become the largest No-Kill city in the country. And we want to teach other shelters how to do the same.

Our innovative and pioneering programs include:

So this month, we’re taking our message outside of Austin through the #SavingPetsChallenge. Kicking off May 2nd and for the first time ever, we’re participating in a national fundraising campaign for the month of May. If you’d like to donate or fundraise for APA! this month, please consider doing so through our #SavingPetsChallenge platform, where dollars can be stretched.

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