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Shane is a Snuggler, Not a Fighter

You may have read the foster pleas that went out recently for four little pittie puppies taken from a man who’d been attempting to “train” them to fight.  The puppies were only five months old.  Their tiny bodies had already … Continue reading

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Artemis & His Pittie Boy Posse!

There is nothing better than some Artie snuggles!  It’s a proven fact.  The same goes for Artie smiles, smooches, gangly puppy leg saunter, doggie sleep talking, play time, & pretty much anything Artie related that you can think of.  This … Continue reading

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How To Pick a Pittie!

Everybody wants one.  The adorable dog with the enormous smile and floppy pink tongue.  The impressively buff physique.  The smarts.  The loyalty.  The wiggly, happy love and effortless sense of fun.  But where do you find one?  Pittie isn’t even a … Continue reading

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Muscle Bound Teddy Bears Seek Home

Ladies & gentleman, allow us to introduce the most eligible bachelors APA! has to offer!  Good looks?  Check!  Stunning physique?  You bet!  Heart of gold?  Quick wit?  Loyal?  Affectionate?  All of the above & more! These boys have the whole … Continue reading

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