The APA! StoryBooth: Rescue Tales

Tell Your Story

Austin Pets Alive! knows how deep human-pet connections can run, and a lot of incredible stories are shared with us daily. Stories of how rescue pets actually rescued their humans. Stories about hilarious or baffling experiences with pets, stories of love and friendship. Stories that will make you laugh out loud or cry with understanding.

So, we’re setting out to capture these tales. We want people to be reminded of why this city became No Kill – and why we will continue to fight to keep it that way.

The APA! StoryBooth will kick off on July 8. The first installment will run for one week only, with the sole purpose of inviting people to tell tales of the relationships they have with their pets. This community-based, oral storytelling will live on: the stories collected as part of the APA! StoryBooth’s Rescue Tales campaign will be archived and shared with the world on the APA! website and social media channels.

How to Record

  • The APA! StoryBooth will take place in the iconic APA! Airstream and will run from Saturday, July 8 to Saturday, July 15. Storytellers will be able to record at TLAC until July 15 – the APA! StoryBooth will come with us to Love Your Rescue Pet Day at the ABGB for its last day of recordings!
  • We will only be collecting audio recordings, though we do ask that you either send us or allow us to take a photo of your and your pet.
  • Storytellers will need to book a 10-minute timeslot to participate – please book your time below!
  • The StoryBooth will only run for a couple of hours each day, so you’ll want to book early.
  • If possible, you are encouraged to bring your pet to the StoryBooth with you! We find that having them there can really help with the storytelling process. You can also come as a pair – you and your spouse, family member, friend.
  • It is free to participate, though like most things at APA!, it will run off of suggested donations.