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Austin Pets Alive! is on a mission to permanently transform the way communities treat at-risk pets. The Yes Alive! Comprehensive Capacity Campaign is our vision for eliminating killing in shelters, once and for all.

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Beyond No Kill to “Yes Alive!”

Austin Pets Alive! led the movement that made Austin the largest No Kill city in the country. Our mission to save lives is the foundation of everything we do, but No Kill is no longer enough. It’s time to say “Yes Alive!” to the pets who need us most.

Our Vision

Yes Alive! is our ambitious and necessary four-part plan to transform the care and lifesaving of at-risk pets in our hometown of Austin — and beyond.

We are setting out to eliminate killing in shelters. With your help, we will say YES to every cat and dog needing care, no matter where they are located. The pets can’t wait for Yes Alive! — and neither can we!


Why is the Yes Alive! campaign needed?

Yes Alive! is more than a capital campaign — it’s a comprehensive capacity campaign that will allow us to do more, teach more, and save more than ever before. In the last three years, we have experienced a 20% annual increase in animal intake, all while caring for the most challenging medical and behavioral cases.

Our inspired, successful programs and services are being delivered out of dilapidated, flood-prone, rat-infested facilities that are on the verge of collapse and in desperate need of demolition. Despite being described as “the worst shelter facility in Texas,” we have saved over 120,000 pets in this space. However, No Kill is no longer good enough for us, and we can’t say “yes” to every pet who needs us when our potential is severely limited as a result of our environment.

Why can’t you just rebuild in your current location?

Thanks to a 75-year lease agreement we recently signed with the City of Austin, we will maintain our presence in downtown Austin at the Town Lake Animal Shelter (TLAC). However, due to the presence of power lines above and water pipes below, we must rebuild in a much smaller footprint than we currently have available to us, even as our operations continue to expand. For that reason, the final phase of the Yes Alive! Comprehensive Capacity Campaign will be to rebuild a smaller adoption and foster service center at TLAC but expand the rest of our operations to the new, additional locations.

Why is the Regional Shelter Pet Hospital and ICU the first phase of the campaign?

Each day, dozens of cats and dogs are rushed to our lifesaving Medical Triage and Wellness Clinic at TLAC from local veterinary hospitals where owners can't afford treatment or from shelters in and around Austin that have severe underfunding because we are these pets’ only alternative to euthanasia. Our veterinary team works around the clock to secure broken limbs, provide CPR, do surgeries as complex as those for open chest trauma, and treat horrible viruses like panleukopenia, parvovirus, and distemper — all in a building infested by rats, at risk for fire and flooding, and crammed into a very small space.

This hospital will allow our medical team to expand the work they do for pets in Austin and have the space to teach other shelters and veterinarians the lifesaving solutions that they know work — giving exponential capacity Texas-wide to save more pets’ lives.

When will the Regional Shelter Pet Hospital and ICU be open?

We hope to open the hospital in July 2024, but we need to secure the remaining $1.2 million to do so. We can get there together with your support!

How can I donate now?

You can give now here, where your gift will be directed toward supporting this urgent project. If you prefer to give by check, please include “Yes Alive!” in the check memo or with an accompanying note and mail it to our lockbox address:

Austin Pets Alive!
P.O. Box 736245
Dallas, TX 75373-6245

We also accept many other gifts, such as cryptocurrency, donor-advised funds, IRA distributions, stocks, and more, as well as multi-year pledges. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss additional ways to give.

I’m not local or am unable to visit for a tour. How can I learn more?

Please contact us by emailing [email protected] to schedule a phone call with our Chief of Philanthropy or schedule a virtual group tour.

Say “Yes!” To:

Dog Wheelchair

The Sick and Injured

Regional Shelter Pet Hospital and ICU

A centrally-located regional hospital for sick and injured animals who are treatable, and can live long and happy lives — but who are now losing their lives in shelters.

Learn More

Mama Cat Nursing Kittens

Those Who Need a Way Out

Regional Lifesaving Transportation Hub

A first-of-its-kind pit stop for cats and dogs coming from shelters where their lives are at risk, where they can safely stay until it’s time to embark on the journey to a loving home.

Learn More

Dog Misunderstood Image

The Misunderstood

Center for Trauma and Fear Recovery

A safe and calm refuge for emotionally traumatized dogs who can be trained and guided into loving homes and for undersocialized cats awaiting barn placement.

Learn More

Those Who Simply Need a Home

Local Adoption and Foster Support Center.

A place in Austin where lives are saved and families are made.

Learn More

Naming Opportunities

Leave a lifelong legacy, named after your family or in honor of a loved one.

Here are some currently available opportunities to make your mark on lifesaving in Austin — and beyond!

Please contact us to discuss these and other naming opportunities.

Campaign Supporters

Thank you to our generous campaign supporters for helping us build a world where no cat or dog will lose their life simply for not having a home.

Campaign Donors


Clare Stedman and Vicki Behl


Dos Corazones Family Fund
Michael and Sharon Wichterich
The Pollard Family


Alex Devine
Brian M. and Elaine Byrne
Dan and Jenny Ahearn
Ellen Jefferson and Damon O'Gan
The Family of Crash, Boom and Zip
Rusty and Mary Tally


Artie Abello Charitable Fund
Cameron and Cade Massey
Caroline Page
China Widener and Maria Hayes
Dan Ferreri
Stephanie Muller-Simpson and Kyle Simpson
M. Jeremy Guiberteau, MD
Wendi Martin
Marsha and Robert Jones


Bill Symon and Jason Kays
Dan and Meredith Young
Gretchen Meyer and Amos Lowe
Maren Miller and Clay Golden
Mark and Margaret Gibson
Meghan and Clinton Sayers
Monica Dermott
The Mattka Family

All Supporters

Alexandra & Kevin Nissim-Provost
Brittany Maki
Cara Caulkins
Selina Padilla
S. Marsh
Cristina Chavez
David Dyer
Trisha Trueper
Madison Lozano
Helen and Ben Davis
Nate Simchick
Penney Blu
Raise Design
Alice Sage Van Nuys
Susan Kenzle
Sophie Kluthe
Helen Heard
Kim Vitray
Laura Feeney
Sally Victor
Alison Martinez
M’Lynda Owens
Sherre Howell
Erin Oxborrow
John Fein
Craig Peterson
Lee Rose-Alexander
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Tom Lokos
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