About APA!

Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) is a 501(c) 3 (nonprofit) organization run almost exclusively by dedicated volunteers.

Austin Pets Alive! has become one of the country’s No-Kill leaders by innovating and maintaining programs, in turn lending Austin the title of the largest No-Kill city in the nation. By studying the best practices of other cities, analyzing their results and impact, and implementing new procedures, Austin Pets Alive! has created its own “road map” as it weaves experience into the unique characteristics of our city. Austin is rich in prevention resources such as spay/neuter, medicine, and fostering, and we are filling the gaps in areas that have been historically under-represented, such as high volume, high quality adoption.

Austin Pets Alive! is focused on helping the healthy and treatable pets at risk of being killed in a shelter. We rescue dogs and cats who are at the greatest risk, providing them care within our shelter or with one of our hundreds of foster families, and adopting them out. Whether they are a 3-day old unweaned kitten; a 1 year old puppy with ring worm; or a 14 year old cat with FELV, we have a program and staff to help find them a place to call home. With a focused mission to focus solely on the pets who have been passed over by other groups and adoption programs, our impact maintains vast.

Our Mission

To promote and provide the resources, education and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals.

Our Top 2013 Goals

  • Find a new, permanent building
  • Save 5,000 dogs and cats in our Austin rescue program (this is directly dependent on our first goal of finding a new building)
  • Assist Austin Animal Center (AAC) with maintaining Austin’s status as a No-Kill city
  • Continue building our dog behavior program so that we can save and rehabilitate all non-dangerous dogs with behavior issues
  • Increase support for our Constant Companions Club and Sponsor a Pet program
  • Expand our outreach efforts to assisting and training other shelters in the US through our American Pets Alive arm
  • Host Austin Pets Alive!’s 1st annual gala
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