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Medical Triage & Wellness Clinic

Our goal is to ensure each of our animals receives medical care, kindness, and solicitude that we would give our own pets.

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Austin Pets Alive!’s Medical Triage and Wellness Clinic operates at least 70 hours a week — not including the on-call staff. We have five vets on staff, and typically three vets on site each day; additionally, we have fifteen vet techs on staff, and anywhere from five to nine techs here each day. While APA! houses many specific programs, our clinic touches and interacts with every animal that comes through APA!’s doors.

The medical staff at Austin Pets Alive! has revolutionized the management of shelter care by using careful budgeting and agreeing to save them all rather than fall back on euthanasia (except in extreme cases). In one year, our medical staff sees, on average, 12,000 animals, ranging from simple intake procedures to medical emergencies.

In order to successfully meet and adhere to our goal, there are three types of care that our clinic provides: routine medical care, surgery, and illness/injury/emergency care. Our pets who enter into our program immediately receive routine medical care. This is when they are given any needed vaccinations and/or prevention medicines and are microchipped. From here, our medical staff will determine if surgery (spay/neuter, mass removals, eye repairs, dental care, and wounds) is necessary or if the pet needs emergency medical attention. About 85% of animals saved from the surrounding city shelters arrive with mild to severe illnesses or injuries. The City of Austin calls on APA! to save more than 95% of the seriously ill or injured pets that they receive from the public.

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The Austin Pets Alive Medical Triage and Wellness Clinic can only legally examine and treat the animals that are surrendered to our custody from partnering shelters. For resources to assist you with your owned pets, please reach out to our Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS) Program here:

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Program Achievements

There are five vets on staff with three on site each day; additionally, there are seventeen full-time technicians, two part-time kennel technicians, and ten other full-time staff members.

During 2018, APA! took in 10,334 animals, of which 3,283 were taken in due to medical needs that other shelters could not care for.

In 2019, volunteers donated a total of 2,331 hours to the clinic.

In 2019, over 6,959 spays and neuter surgeries were performed.

The clinic has approximately 2,300 active animals to care for at any given time.

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