Baby Bottle Foster Program

We are looking for baby bottle fosters to help care for our tiniest lives!

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In 2021, APA! cared for over 3K puppies and 4K kittens. These tiny lives are too vulnerable to live in the shelter so we rely on foster homes like you!

We are looking for caregivers for a variety of situations - no experience necessary! We will train you and provide as much support as you need to navigate this amazing experience.

APA! Baby Fosters receive:

  • Access to veterinary assistants and technicians

  • Medical support as appropriate

  • Developmental support through foster mentors

  • Age-appropriate vaccines and preventative care

  • Basic supplies (as available)

  • Pick of the litter

  • Potential tax deduction for any expenses

We need caregivers for:

  • One night emergency care: able to bottle or syringe feed every 2-3 hours for one night. This allows APA! time to find a longer-term foster caregiver.

  • Two-week neonatal fosters: able to bottle or syringe feed every 3-4 hours around the clock for up to two weeks.

  • 2-6 week fosters for puppies and kittens: able to bottle feed every 3-6 hours and aid in the transition to self-feeding. Ensure that vaccines are received and that developmental milestones are reached.

  • 4-8 week fosters for moms and litters: get most of the joy and little of the work associated, as moms typically feed and clean their own young ones. You just provide some quiet and safe space, ensure that vaccines are received and developmental milestones are reached.

Some of our babies come to us from unimaginable situations, where they have been exposed to illness, filth, parasites, and more. For many of these kittens and puppies, we are their only chance at survival. Without your help, we cannot save them.

Sign up to save lives today!

Program Achievements

Currently, every dog over 50 days has at least one Virtual Foster, and often more than one!

Nearly every dog in the program has it’s own Instagram account.

Over 430 dogs have come through the program in less than 2 years and nearly all have found their way into their forever homes.

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