Austin’s Progress

In November 2009, City Council passed a resolution directing city staff to work with Austin’s Animal Advisory Commission to develop an implementation plan by March 2010 of the Commission’s recommendations to make Austin a no kill community. A no kill community saves 90% of the animals that enter the shelter.

On March 11, 2010, City Council unanimously passed the plan.

Since then, the Austin community has made huge strides in the no-kill movement, becoming the largest no-kill city in the country within less than a year of the plan. 

February 2015 marks four years of Austin’s no kill status. Austin Pets Alive! has played a critical role in achieving this status by developing innovative and comprehensive programs that  serve key demographics of animals typically euthanized in a shelter setting (for example, large dogs that need behavior support, unweaned kittens, puppies with parvovirus and cats with ringworm).

Austin Pets Alive! has saved more than  30,000 cats and dogs from euthanasia and our numbers continue to rise.