Our Programs

Austin Pets Alive! fills the gaps in the community by identifying the problems that leave dogs and cats euthanized at the shelter and creating innovative programs to overcome those specific problems.

Currently, we are focused on rescuing the pets who end up at the shelter and helping keep pets from being surrendered to the shelter.  While we believe strongly in spaying and neutering, Austin already has great programs for those services, so we are focused on helping the pets who have already been born get out or stay out of the kill shelters.


Our rescue program is focused 100% on the dogs and cats who are about to be killed.  We wait until the shelters have chosen the pets they want for their adoption programs and other rescue groups have pulled the pets that they can take, then we go in and rescue the rest that we can fit into our programs.

As we’ve reached the final groups of pets still being killed at the City of Austin’s Animal Center, we’ve had to build special programs to help certain demographics of pets who need a little extra help to become adoptable:

Our first goal was to make Austin a no-kill city.  Thanks to our rescue program, we’ve reached a 90% live outcome rate for Austin.  Learn more about Austin’s progress and how our rescue program has contributed.

We are now expanding our rescue program to other shelters in the Central Texas area with a goal of a no-kill Central Texas.

Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS)

Our PASS program helps people who are having pet problems so that they don’t need to surrender their pets to kill shelters.  Our volunteers take phone calls and emails from pet owners in crisis and help them find the resources they need to keep or rehome their pets.

If the owners are surrendering their pet because of medical issues that they cannot afford, PASS or AAC (Austin Animal Center) will refer them to our Community Clinic where we treat pets with sliding scale fees.

Our PASS team is able to send approximately 20-25% of the pets back home who were brought to the shelter to be surrendered, by helping the owners with their problems.

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