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Gronk wants to Run!

We have this very sweet guy here who does not deserve to feel the pain he has felt in his first year of life.
Gronk came to us on the edge of life, suffering from the Parvo virus. When Gronk started feeling better and moving around, we realized that he was healed… except for his torn ACL.
db87af48-90d5-4375-b486-d882e31d2993Online fundraising for Gronk wants to Run!

He is an adorable and playful guy who has his whole life in front of him, and so we really … more

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Help Keep Maxwell On His Feet

Our poor boy Maxwell has a really terrible leg injury that is very simmilar to a torn ACL on a human.
You may even know personally how painful this is. Well, Maxwell is very sweet and hides his pain for the most part, but we know he is really hurting.
We want to do something to help his pain as soon as possible but we need your help to raise the funds for his … more

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February 2015 Volunteer of the Month- Ranelle Meroney

Thank you to February’s Volunteer of the Month, Ranelle Merony. A dedicated volunteer in the neonatal nursery, Ranelle never leaves a feeding shift unfilled and is an asset to the team.
Ranelle MeroneyThis is what her peers have to say about her:
I was left to work the overnight shift on a few nights this month due to a schedule change. A coworker had of family emergency and could no longer work that shift. I was faced with working it alone, unless a volunteer stepped up. Without hesitation, Ranelle volunteered to work a … more

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Zing’s Eyes

Sweet and cuddly Zing was born with eyelid agenesis, a rare defect that can occur in other animals, but is mostly found in cats. What is eyelid agensis? Zing was born without eyelids! What a life? The fur that grows above his eyes has nothing but eyeball to rub against. Can you imagine having hair in your eye all the time?
Online fundraising for Zing's Eyes
That is why we need to get him this surgery that will relieve … more

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The Puzzle Comes Together

Austin could not be no-kill without the deliberate coordination and teamwork of multiple players. While Austin Pets Alive! focuses on very specific demographics that no other shelter can serve, other shelters are an essential part of the no-kill puzzle.

Take a look at what each contributor offers the no-kill mission:



Not sure how we do what we do? Our life-saving programs are deliberately focused on the groups of animals that other shelters are unable to save (for example, the neonatal nursery).

This puzzle makes Austin the … more

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Help Fix Sunflower’s Broken Heart for Valentine’s Day! FUND COMPLETED, THANK YOU!


At the young age of 5, this sweet Lhasa Apso is really struggling. She has been diagnosed with a grade 4/5 heart murmur and has a constant cough that you can hear honking from several kennels away.


These symptoms together can be indicative of severe heart disease or even heart failure. Additionally, we worry that she could also have a collapsing trachea! We need to send Sunflower to a heart specialist for an echocardiogram ASAP. All donations for Sunflower go directly to her broken heart. Can YOU be her Valentine and donate to her … more

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What you should know about life saving in Austin

Austin Pets Alive! maintains a lazer-like focus on the animals that, without our help, would be euthanized.

We do this by maintaining targeted programs designed to save specific demographics. Check those out right here:



These programs make our rescue a critical piece of the no-kill puzzle and they could not exist without the support of animal-lovers like you. Together, we really are Keeping Austin No-Kill!

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Love, Your Secret Admirer

Starting February 8th through February 13th, you can show someone how much they mean to you in a whole new way. 

Donate to Austin Pets Alive! and we will send a customizable valentine to that special someone on your behalf.

Check out how cute they are:

ValCardSamplesYou can choose whether you want to feature a cat or dog, whether you’re going for quirky or sentimental- and you can even choose whether you would like to include a special gift from Wondercide Pet Products.

Make this Valentine’s Day special by giving an animal the gift … more

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