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Tyler Has Been Searching For His Future Mom Or Dad For A Long Time…Is It You?



Tyler came to APA! as a stray from Austin Animal Center over 800 days ago. When he first arrived in June 2013, Tyler was afraid of everyone and everything. The world was a very terrifying place for this gorgeous boy, affectionately known as “TyTy”.  Although we don’t know his past, Tyler came to us potty trained with excellent loose leash walking skills, and a knowledge of training commands like “Sit” and “Down”.

Tyler Sweater with Tivra 3-1-15Throughout his residence at APA!, Tyler has befriended dozens of APA! volunteers who have worked … more

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Merlin Just Arrived And Is In Critical Need!












Merlin just arrived to APA today and as you can see he is is bad shape! He has a Online fundraising for Merlin Just Arrived And Is In Critical Need!broken femur and a broken pelvis and neither can heal without surgery!

APA’s orthopedic specialist evaluated him and Merlin needs to have surgery on Monday the 31st!

More information on Merlin will be posted in the next few days as we get to know him but right now we do know … more

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Meet Handsome Rangel!

rangel2Isn’t Rangel handsome! Rangel is a 1yr old Rottweiler/Shepard Mix that is always happy to say hello! He is a young, exuberant boy and loves to play with people and go out and expend some of his boundless energy!Online fundraising for Meet Handsome Rangel!

However there is more to Rangel’s story. Rangel has a joint issue in his rear leg that is so debilitating that the only solution is arthrodesis of his tarsal joint

Arthrodesis is the fusing of the joint by removing the cartilage and placing metal implants. … more

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BEEVET Animal Hospital comes through for Princess the Poodle


Princess is an 11.5 year old Poodle mix who came to us with some serious eye troubles amongst other ailments. She may be a little old lady, but she’s spunky and full of spirit so we needed to take care her after a long life of neglect. She came to us with matted fur and covered in fleas, after we cleaned her up we could see that she desperately needed to start getting eye medications and one of her eyes needed to be removed as soon as possible due to a mass on her inner eyelid. Luckily, our friends at … more

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UPDATE – Remember Bruno? He Still Needs YOU!

Bruno3A few months ago Bruno was in need of a trial medication called Cyclosporine to help him with severe skin allergies. ThisOnline fundraising for Remember Bruno? medication can be costly and APA needed your help to get Bruno started with a trial course. The medication has worked well and so now Bruno will need this medication for life. Without it he is VERY ITCHY to the point that he causes wounds on himself from the constant scratching. Poor Bruno depends on the Cyclosporine to live comfortably in his own skin! … more

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A Story from Austin Pets Alive!’s PASS Program

BeaOne day recently in Austin a good Samaritan we’ll call “Kate” saw “Dave” and his dog under a tree on the side of the road. Kate struck up a conversation with Dave and learned that he had lost his job and his home, and was going through a bitter divorce. Just about all he had left was his 14-year-old dog, Bea. While Dave needed to find work he couldn’t leave Bea in his car in Austin’s hot climate while he went in search of a job.

Here at Austin Pets Alive! … more

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Diego has been waiting a long time, Are you his one and only?


As part of APA!’s life saving mission, many dogs come to us with behavior issues that need to be worked through to help them be as adoptable as possible. Diego is one such dog and he came to APA! 900 days ago. 900 days is a long time, but in that time Diego has learned so much and has come so far!

Upon arrival in March of 2013, Diego was very reactive-barking and lunging at other dogs in kennels, was very high energy and pretty mouthy. We don’t know much about his … more

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Shamrock Gets A Better Outlook & A Better Chance At A Forever Family

shamrock Shamrock was a very misunderstood dog! He is a six year old Chihuahua that is diabetic and had vision loss due to cataracts. The cataracts were very likely caused by uncontrolled diabetes (from before his time with Austin Pets Alive!).

There were times in foster care that Shamrock was becoming bitey. We suspected during these times he was scared because he couldn’t see. Normally cataract surgery is not something APA! has the luxury to treat because it is not painful and animals typically live comfortably without it. Since the associated vision loss was affecting Shamrock’s behavior, at one point … more

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