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Scoop it up, Austin – It’s Your Duty!

Scoop it up, Austin – It’s Your Duty!
It Adds Up! If all the dog poop created in one day in Austin was put in one pile it would weigh 150,000 pounds.
What’s the Problem?
Pet Waste:

It’s not just smelly!
It’s not just yucky to step in!
It’s not just fertilizer!

Human and Pet Health:
Pet waste can cause:

Other unpronounceable Viruses and Parasites

Water Quality:
Nutrients in pet waste can cause:

Aquatic weeds
Gasping fish (no oxygen!)
Water that is just too nasty to look at or play in

What You Can Do?

Bring It! Carry a scooper … more

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The fabled adventures of Sir Chester-now happily in his forever home

A Guest Post by Jessica Borda

Sir Chester in all likelihood spent most of his life fending for himself on the streets of Austin. He probably didn’t know human affection or understand an extended hand meant treats and love.

chesterIn January of 2015, Sir Chester was picked up by animal control officers and brought to the city shelter where he had no identifying info to help him find his home (if he ever had one). A compassionate APA! foster decided to try and help him acclimate to living in a home. But it doesn’t … more

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The History of No Kill in Austin – Part 4: Parvo by Dr. Ellen Jefferson

KaijaIn 2008, when I signed on with Austin Pets Alive! as Executive Director, I had a distinct advantage in saving lives because I’m a veterinarian. Back then, any puppy at the city shelter (and this problem was not singular to just our city) suspected to have parvo virus, and any litter-mates of that dog or even any dogs in the general vicinity of the puppy would be killed.

In just about every shelter in the country, parvo is a death sentence, because of the intensive treatment required to save the puppy and … more

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Hey! I’m Axel.

Hey! I’m Axel.

You know how some dogs don’t know how to act? Like, do you know dogs that lose their cool if you take them out in public, or leave them home alone? Yeah… that’s not me. I’ve got it together. I’m not into any of that dumb stuff, like tearing up furniture, or digging up my yard. I’d never think of relieving myself inside my house. That’s gross. Who does that?

My foster parents think I’m smart, but frankly, they’re pretty easily impressed. They get all excited when I sit, stay, lay down, … more

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Luna’s down on her luck. Can you help her?

lunaLuna is a beautiful 62 pound Weimeraner Mix that has been living at the Town Lake Animal Center with APA since February 2016. Sadly Luna was surrendered to the Austin Animal Center because her owners were having a baby and did not want to keep her. Poor Luna! She was quickly transferred to Austin Pets Alive due to lack of space at the AAC.

Luna was understandably nervous when we rescued her and was unsure about her new surroundings. As you can imagine moving from a home to a shelter can be a … more

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Calling all warriors, dashers, mudders and APA! supporters!


Calling all warriors, dashers, mudders and APA! supporters!

We are happy to announce that our corporate sponsor, Austin Subaru, is hosting APA!’s first-ever Ruff and Rugged Run on Sunday, October 2 at MYLO Obstacle Fitness in south Austin. This obstacle course event will include 10 dog-themed obstacles staggered throughout a three mile course, providing challenges for seasoned athletes and casual racers alike.

Understanding that the Ruff and Rugged Run will attract athletes of all skill levels we have designated elite waves, as well as waves for those animal-lovers who just want to stretch their legs … more

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We Still Need You

APA! has grown so much since we first dreamed of making Austin a No Kill City. We have accomplished our mission, but to maintain it, we need you.

It truly blows me away how much support we receive from the community. If we had to raise the funds to pay for the 140,000 hours of volunteer time, the 750 foster “kennels”, and the buildings we work in, honestly, we never could. But even with these resources, we still need to raise funds every year to keep saving lives.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be launching an Annual Fund Campaign … more

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minerva3Minerva is an easy-going, friendly, and great companion who is always happy to see you! She will spend as much time as possible sitting next to you, and prefers that to sitting in your lap (though she doesn’t mind being picked up). She loves pets and will even let you rub her tummy and feet. She will follow you around for attention and affection, may lick your knees or feet, and then will rub her face on them! Hint, hint: she loves you.minerva2

Minerva was … more

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