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Meet Sheldon!

sheldon4Sheldon is a 1.5yr old retriever mix that has had skin issues since coming into the shelter. He has been diagnosed and treated forOnline fundraising for Donate and help Sheldon get some relief! several skin conditions including ringworm and mange repeatedly but has not had resolution. The vets are now looking into possible allergies (food and environmental) as well as autoimmune disorders.

As you can see in the pictures below Sheldon is experiencing furloss throughout his legs and is itchy with irritated skin.


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Adding a Cat to the Family

Imagine handing out treats and name tags at the front door of your home for your new cat and your resident pets. Imagine happy munches and friendly meows or woofs as they blend and bond instantly and forever.

Then blink twice and remember that you are living in reality and not in an ideal parallel universe. But armed with a set of realistic expectations, your reality when introducing a new cat to family may ultimately be just as ideal.

Oodles Introducing a CatIntroducing your new cat to the pets already in your … more

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August Volunteer of the Month- Mary Jonse

Austin Pets Alive! is proud to recognize our volunteer of the month for August, Mary Jonse.

Mary is an indispensable part of the APA! team, almost single-handedly giving an honest chance to one particularly challenging (but no less wonderful) group of animals: incontinent cats.


Here is what fellow APA!-ers have to say about her:

“Mary Jonse has practically turned her house into a sanctuary for APA!’s incontinent cats. She is currently fostering six (!!!) incontinent cats, all of whom need their bladders expressed several times/day. On top of that, she manages the mentor system for … more

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A Home for Laika

Sweet Laika was discovered as a stray, and her new mommy did an intensive owner search but was unable to successfully identify Laika’s origins. She did not want to leave Laika in a shelter in San Marcos and is willing to keep her, but she needs a pet deposit to do so. Since Laika is an unexpected blessing, her new mom doesn’t have the extra money for a pet deposit. Can you help Laika stay with her new family by funding this pet deposit so she can avoid finding herself homeless once again?
Online fundraising for A Home for Laika

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Remember Penelope?

penelope2A few months ago, you may have seen Penelope’s story on the news. She had been brutally attacked by a dog in her own home and her jaw had been broken. It was also discovered that she had  unweaned kittens to take care of!

Since then, all of  Penelope kittens have grown up and found their forever homes!

While it didn’t keep her from being a wonderful momma, Penelope continues to  recover from the traumatic event.

One injury that has remained is a pesky puncture in the roof of her mouth that was discovered during her recovery period. This puncture often … more

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Your Dollars Fill This Collar

During your last visit to APA!, you may have noticed a banner like this one:


Here’s the inside scoop:

This summer has been a busy one at Austin Pets Alive!. On average, we have saved three more animals per day than we did this time last year. These animals have included puppies with parvovirus, orphaned kittens, cats with ringworm, dogs that don’t do well in shelter settings and more.

And saving more lives means increased cost. Since all basic care for an animal costs approximately $250, our animals rely on people like you to help provide … more

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Lord of the Ring…Worm!

Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) is hosting a community event designed to educate the general public on a fungus known as ringworm on Saturday, August 16th from noon to 6pm at their Town Lake Animal Center location (and hopefully encourage many adoptions in the process!).

Ringworm Adoption Fair

APA! has saved more than 500 cats with ringworm from euthanasia since the inception of Dazey’s Ward in 2010. Ringworm is highly treatable (though fairly contagious) and generally not a serious condition. In spite of this, cats and kittens with ringworm are routinely euthanized in city shelters nationwide.

Join … more

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Hot Dogs, Cool Cats

Adoption Specials all weekend- don’t miss out!



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