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Media Release: Austin Pets Alive! Is The Last Chance For Many “Broken”, Unwanted Pets In Central Texas

Austin Pets Alive! Is The Last Chance For Many “Broken”, Unwanted Pets In Central Texas
May 24, 2016 (Austin, TX)- A newborn puppy discovered alone and covered in fleas and maggots, a two-month old husky mix with paralysis in her hind legs and an adult Pyrenees mix with a condition called Mysathenia Gravis have all come into Austin Pets Alive! within the past week.

13263708_10156820156870234_4124515344563545391_nMagpie, at almost two weeks old, did not even have her eyes open when she came into APA!’s care. The chihuahua mix was malnourished and covered in fleas and maggots. APA! was … more

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Protect your pups against Distemper and Parvovirus

With the summer months readily approaching, we typically see an uptick of dogs coming into our care that are on ‘distemper watch’ or ‘parvo watch’. This is typically due to the uncertainty of previous vaccinations and the rise in spread of these diseases in the warm summer months when people are more likely to take their unvaccinated pets out in public.

The canine parvovirus is a highly contagious virus that affects unvaccinated dogs and puppies under four months of age. The virus affects a dog’s gastrointestinal system and is spread through contaminated … more

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UPDATE – Dory diagnosed with thyroid cancer

doryDory’s biopsy results have come back and the mass under her neck has been found to be thyroid cancer.
Online fundraising for UPDATE - Dory diagnosed with thyroid cancer

While Dory’s prognosis is guarded APA is moving forward with surgical removal of the mass. The location of this mass makes surgical removal key to her living with some comfort on her last years. A mass so close to the trachea is dangerous and not intervening would surely cause Dory unnecessary pain and suffering.

Dory and dogs … more

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So far we have good news for Dory from Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital. Her CT scan showed that the mass at the underside of her neck has not grown into her trachea. This is fantastic news for Dory! Her lungs also showed no metastasis.

We are waiting on biopsy results to show us what type of mass Dory has and if she is s candidate for surgery.
Thank You!

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Kaleigh gets to see her world without discomfort

Kaleigh 3Kaleigh is an APA! foster who was recently adopted into a loving home. Here is Kaleigh’s story and how APA! and medical support from our friends at MettaSound Veterinary Imaging helped her to live a better life and find a loving home.

Kaleigh was originally at risk due to medical issues. She was dirty, oily, and very matted.  Her eyes were crusty, dry and infected; her skin inflamed and some sores and hair loss; she had a murmur, irregular heart rhythm and was heartworm positive. The medical team at APA! evaluated Kaleigh and put her on medications. She had problems with … more

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Raven’s Congenital Heart Defect – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

Can you donate to get little Raven’s heart on road to prognosis?
Little Raven came to APA when she was when she was still a twinkle in her mother’s eyes! Raven was born under the care of Austin Pets Alive along with 3 other siblings. Raven was a healthy puppy throughout her first weeks and months and seemed the thrive as a puppy should!

Unfortunately when Raven was about 2 months a heart murmur was detected and was later diagnosed as pulmonic stenosis.

This is a condition that can often be surgically … more

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Surgery Needed ASAP for New Intake! – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

DoryDory is a 7yr old Lab Mix that was rescued from euthanasia Tuesday because  has a large mass growing into her trachea.The mass is large and growing under her chin.

Because the mass is in a such a sensitive area the size of the mass surgery with a specialist is going to be needed to save Dory.

Dory has an opportunity to be seen on Monday for consult and possible surgery but we need donations to help fund this!

Dory’s mass will only continue to grow overtime so we need to work to get … more

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Maddie’s Fund Surprises Ellen Jefferson, DVM, and Other Industry Super Heroes with $90K in Grant Awards


Austin Pets Alive!’s Executive Director Ellen Jefferson, DVM, was presented a surprise grant today at the HSUS Animal Care Expo. As one of the nine recipients of the 2016 Hero Award, Dr. Jefferson stated, “It was such a wonderful surprise to receive this donation, it is already such an honor to be included in the Maddie’s Fund presentations during the HSUS Expo Conference. I am honored and humbled.”

Read more about the awards below:

Nine organizations spotlighted for their innovative efforts towards a no-kill nation

PLEASANTON, Calif., May 12, 2016 Maddie’s Fund®, a national family foundation … more

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