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Meet Senior Citizen Madeline

Madeline2Madeline is such a pretty lady! She is a 13yr old DSH Buff colored cat. She is an older kitty has beenOnline fundraising for Meet Senior Citizen Madeline! experiencing some illness associated with older cats. Most recently her appetite has decreased which could be indicative of several things. First things first though the vets need to know what is going on with her organ function by way of lab work. She also needs an appetite stimulant to boost her appetite and get her eating … more

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Casper is counting on us to help him!

Casper How cute is Casper?! Casper is a 7m old Lab/Retriever Mix. Casper came to Austin Pets Alive inOnline fundraising for Casper is counting on us to help him! June when he was owner surrendered to us because he was very sick with Parvovirus and his owners could not afford to treat him. He is a large puppy for his age and unfortunately is already showing signs of orthopedic issues. He is in need of orthopedic knee surgery on not one knee but BOTH knees! He is showing some signs … more

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panleuk2Kittens that are just a few days old are fragile even when healthy, so treating sick kittens can be challenging.  Luckily, our dedicated team of bottle baby staff and volunteers are kitten experts and can nurse even some of the sickest kittens back to health.  Before kitten season 2014 officially hits, we’d like to raise enough money to buy a bottle of cerenia for the season.


Cerenia is the only antiemetic (which combats vomiting and nausea) that works for kittens that have the … more

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Is large, loving and friendly your type? Meet Louie!

louieLouie is a very sweet 2yr old Pitty Mix. He is 60lbs of pure love and really enjoys human company. He truly is man’s best friend! We don’t knowOnline fundraising for Is large, loving and friendly your type? Meet Louie! Louie’s history but he has a pellet in his head from where he was shot at one point and has other scars which indicate he was very likely an outdoor dog with little attention. Louie is also heartworm positive and will be treated during the recovery … more

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Anna’s heart still needs YOUR help!

annaRecently, you helped fund an important heart surgery for a playful 2-year-old pup named Anna.

Anna still needs you.

Her heart surgery, a PDA or Patent Ductus Arteriosus, surgery was performed on July 26th but not without complications. The surgeon performing the procedure said that it was the worst case he had ever seen. The artery was very large and the area was extremely difficult to maneuver. 

During the surgery, Anna experienced bleeding complications. The surgeon did the best job possible under the circumstances but unfortunately Anna’s surgery failed. She is currently back in her foster … more

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Meet Sheldon!

sheldon4Sheldon is a 1.5yr old retriever mix that has had skin issues since coming into the shelter. He has been diagnosed and treated forOnline fundraising for Donate and help Sheldon get some relief! several skin conditions including ringworm and mange repeatedly but has not had resolution. The vets are now looking into possible allergies (food and environmental) as well as autoimmune disorders.

As you can see in the pictures below Sheldon is experiencing furloss throughout his legs and is itchy with irritated skin.


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Adding a Cat to the Family

Imagine handing out treats and name tags at the front door of your home for your new cat and your resident pets. Imagine happy munches and friendly meows or woofs as they blend and bond instantly and forever.

Then blink twice and remember that you are living in reality and not in an ideal parallel universe. But armed with a set of realistic expectations, your reality when introducing a new cat to family may ultimately be just as ideal.

Oodles Introducing a CatIntroducing your new cat to the pets already in your … more

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August Volunteer of the Month- Mary Jonse

Austin Pets Alive! is proud to recognize our volunteer of the month for August, Mary Jonse.

Mary is an indispensable part of the APA! team, almost single-handedly giving an honest chance to one particularly challenging (but no less wonderful) group of animals: incontinent cats.


Here is what fellow APA!-ers have to say about her:

“Mary Jonse has practically turned her house into a sanctuary for APA!’s incontinent cats. She is currently fostering six (!!!) incontinent cats, all of whom need their bladders expressed several times/day. On top of that, she manages the mentor system for … more

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