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APA! PASS Program

Guest post by Shorey Russell

In February 2016, Austin marked five years of maintaining No-Kill status – an accomplishment that every Austinite should be incredibly proud of, but one that many of us also realize puts us in the spotlight for setting an example. The municipal shelter and many rescue organizations work together for this incredible 90 percent+ live outcome rate, and Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) continues to play a critical role in this achievement. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing insights into the innovative and comprehensive programs APA! has developed specifically to serve key demographics of animals … more

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Help Charlotte today! – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!


Meet Charlotte! Charlotte is a beautiful 9yr old short-hair cat. Charlotte is new cat to APA, she was rescued June 22, but is dangerously anemic and losing weight. The vets are unsure why this is happening and need lab work to help diagnose her. A thyroid test has been ordered but APA needs help to pay for it. With so many animals requiring medical attention every single penny helps the medical clinic achieve their goal of helping and adopting animals! Can YOU help Charlotte?


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Paddle for Puppies 2016

Austin Subaru’s Paddle for Puppies
is August 28th, 2016
Paddle for Puppies is back for its 5th year and Austin Pets Alive! is honored to be the beneficiary for the 2016 event!
Austin Subaru a dedicated sponsor to Austin Pets Alive! is hosting the 5th Annual Paddle for Puppies event which benefits our Parvo Puppy ICU.
Join us August 28th at 7:45am for the 5 mile … more

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On paper and at the shelter Plex may have seemed like an “unadoptable” dog

A Guest Post by Tabitha Szarko
I first met Plex while working at Austin Pets Alive! last summer. He was not the hard-to- control beast that I had heard whispers of — the one who broke off several teeth trying to escape being perpetually confined around other dogs. The dog I saw was the goofiest one I had ever encountered; his tongue was always peeking out of his mouth, his eyes looked at you with constant insecurity, and he regularly held up his rear paw like a lion with a thorn in it. Plex came home with me as a foster a few months after … more

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Meet Senior Gal Icelandia! – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!


Icelandia is a beautiful and regal 16yr old senior cat that has been with APA since Feb 2015! She is a calm cat and loves to snuggle with people. She is not finicky and has a quiet temperament.

Icelandia is hyperthyroid (very common in older cats) and is due for bloodwork and an echocardiogram of her heart. She has been feeling a down in the dumps the last few … more

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Help Epstean, Donate Today


Poor Epstean! Epstean is a 5yr old Terrier/Boxer mix that came to us, saved from euthanasia, with a large golf-ball sized tumor at the front of his lower mandible. Amazingly he was eating well and loving life despite what must be this very uncomfortable tumor. After being turned away from other clinics for help, APA removed what was possible of the tumor. Surgery went well and Epstean is recovering in his foster home but APA needs to send the mass out to see if it is cancerous. If it is Epstean … more

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The FeLV Adoption Center…A Kitty Oasis Is Waiting For You!

 orange jelloA Guest Post by Kaylee Russell
Tucked away among kennels filled with barking dogs longing for attention and busy staff and volunteers scurrying around to help the never ending flow of homeless animals, is an orange door. Open the door and then another and you’ll find yourself smack dab in the middle of a cat lover’s paradise. You’ve entered the FeLV Adoption Center where purrs are plentiful, tranquility fills the air and the whiskered residents are always glad to see you.

As soon as you walk in, feline greeters approach you without a sound and delicately wind around your … more

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Media Release: Know The Signs Of Overheating In Dogs, Keep Pets Safe In The Heat Of The Summer

Know The Signs Of Overheating In Dogs, Keep Pets Safe In The Heat Of The Summer
June 17, 2016 (Austin, TX)- This time of year it gets too hot for pets to be out on the trail. Austin Pets Alive! wants Austinites to be aware of the dangers of exercising dogs in the heat.

In the coming weeks, Austin Pets Alive! will be posting signs along the Butler Trail at Lady Bird Lake as a reminder for trail goers to keep dogs safe. It’s important for everyone to be aware of the signs of an overheating dog and know how to safely … more

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