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October Volunteer of the Month- Leora Orent

Thank you to October’s Volunteer of the Month, Leora Orent. Leora is one of those volunteers with the passion, energy and thoughtfulness that make her an asset to the APA! team as well as a favorite among our canine residents.
Here’s what her fellow volunteers had to say about her:
LeoraOrent“Leora has been there almost every day I have since I started in June (and I go pretty often), and has always been friendly and helpful. She went out of her way to get to know me after seeing me a few times and … more

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Little Gideon Has A Big Problem!

Gideon2Meet Little Gideon! He is a very small dog but is having a big problem. Gideon, a 4.9lb,  10yr old chihuahua, is having what is called whatOnline fundraising for Little Gideon Has A Big Problem! is called paraphimosis. The tip of Gideon’s penis is exposed causing swelling and pain. Because Gideon cannot retract his penis it is chronically dry and exposed.

Gideon has had two surgeries at APA but the problem has not resolved. The vets would like a specialist to perform Gideon’s next surgery to hopefully correct the problem … more

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Cat Thrown from Car

Chaplain lived to tell the story of the time he was thrown from a car…

And found a brand new forever home within a few short weeks.

Chaplain2Chaplain’s story was told on several news outlets. He as well as a sweet kitten named Batty Koda were thrown out of separate moving vehicles within three days of one another. Many were unsettled by this appalling “trend”. Nonetheless, two good samaritans picked the cats up from the side of the road and brought them somewhere safe: Austin Pets Alive!.

Shortly thereafter, Batty was placed in a … more

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Events – November 2014

Casa Chapala  - 5th Annual Austin Tequila Fest benefiting Austin Pets Alive!  Saturday, November 1st.  The Austin Tequila Fest is a cultural experience where agave lovers, enthusiasts, novices, and connoisseurs gather to learn, taste, and enjoy many 100% de Agave spirits including tequila, mezcal, and sotol.  20% of ticket sales will be donated to APA! VIP Lounge 5:30pm—7pm.  Agave Trail Tasting 7pm—10pm.  After Party 10pm—12am.

Hacienda Austin – Sunday, November 2nd from 12-4pm.  This adoption event kicks off a month long donation drive supporting Austin Pets Alive!. During the entire month of November, Hacienda is donating 10% of sales to APA!. … more

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Busy Season in Parvo

Summer is a very busy season for the APA! Parvo program.

This summer’s Parvo patients included Zathura, a 2.2 lbs puppy, 14 kittens with feline panleukopenia, and one special Great Dane named Filly (pictured on the right). Filly came to APA! as an owner surrender with a lot of fear and anxiety. Early in her stay in the Parvo ward, Filly cowered from people and didn’t like her head or neck touched. Because of her fear, special precautions were taken when she was treated. After several days surrounded by caring volunteers, Filly started … more

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A Feral-y Special Journey

In honor of National Feral Cat Day (which was October 16th), we asked a local “feral cat” lover to share her experience with these amazing creatures. What she had to say was so powerful, we knew we needed to share…
Pam_IMG_3362“Many people wonder why I love caring for feral kittens.  Put simply, I love the journey they take me on.  It’s a journey of love, patience, and truly what it means to take a leap of faith.  When you give them the time to learn about you, they slowly blossom … more

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The Joys of Adopting a Senior Dog

How many times have we humans heard the expression, “You’re only as old as you feel”?

adoptseniordogfannieAnd why is it that some days, despite our actual age, we feel younger than we are, while other days, we feel older… ,much older?

…So it is with our canine companions. What constitutes a senior in one breed may be an adult in another – with plenty of room for peppiness in both. Although most veterinarians agree that a dog is considered “senior” around the age of 7, what matters more is the size, not the number.

Small … more

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When Johnny Met Fluffy

kidsandpets3Our childhood animal friends bring so much joy to our lives, creating fond memories that we think about well into adulthood.  As parents, we want to enrich our own children’s lives with the same companionship that comes from a family pet.  
If you are thinking about bringing a new cat or dog into a family with children, APA! has several tips and hints for keeping pets happy and children safe.

Always supervise children and pets, no matter how friendly they are with each … more

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