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Meet Leilo!

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Leilo is a beautiful 8yr old medium hair cat that APA rescued in mid October. Leilo has been hospitalized in the medical clinic for a lesion on his face. He has been on medications and has had in-house diagnostics done but nothing has revealed improvement or a diagnosis.

Next for Leilo is a biopsy of the lesion. We would need to send it off to a laboratory and need help funding the cost.

Can you help Leilo?


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Neville’s Orthopedic Assessment

Well, this could certainly explain why Neville reacted the way he did…


This week Neville went through an orthopedic assessment with Dr. David Allman, DACVS from Mobile Veterinary Specialist.

During the examination it was found that Neville is painful in his left elbow as well as his hips. His left elbow has moderate arthritis and his right elbow has very mild arthritis. Neville’s right hip has slightly decreased extension and the left hip has full range of motion but his hips show moderate arthritis bilaterally on radiographs.

NevillehipsVDBased on how well Neville can … more

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Giving Tuesday at Austin Pets Alive!

2015 Block Logo

There is a day for giving thanks, there are two days for shopping deals and now there is a global day dedicated to giving back. #‎GivingTuesday‬ harnesses the potential of social media and the generosity of people to kick off the end of year charitable season. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 1, 2015!

GivingTuesday PostcardWhat better way to celebrate #GivingTuesday than giving back to Austin Pets Alive! on December 1. This year the #SaveNeville story resonated with each of us … more

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Miss Kitty Is Due For A Recheck!

misskittyMiss Kitty is an onery 10yr old Domestic Shorthair female that has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and is due for a recheck test to make sure her dosing is correct and not needing to be adjusted.Online fundraising for Miss Kitty Is Ready For A Recheck!

She is not a fan of being in cars nor being examined so doing her tests if never easy but she is a lovely senior gal still looking for her forever home!

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People Make It Possible

A Note from Ellen Jefferson
Like many animal lovers, I have been accused of loving animals more than most people, which is why it might come as a surprise to hear that I want to take a minute, during the month of thankfulness, to celebrate people. That’s right –PEOPLE.

For a long time and even now, the prevailing attitude in shelters has been that people are the problem that has caused animals to be killed in shelters. It isn’t directed towards shelter employees but those people outside the four walls of the shelter, you know- the community.
I believe that there are two reasons for this attitude:

When you work … more

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Help Us Find Treatment For Bengal! – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

bengalBengal is a very sweet 3yr old Domestic Shorthair male cat that has been with APA since September and has been very itchy with a skin infection that is second to an unknown cause. He has been undergoing medical treatment and has been on several medical trials with no resolution.

The next step is a skin biopsy. A skin biopsy will tell us if there is an abnormality we can rule out as well as possible treatment plans to try.

Can you help Bengal?


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Local Artist Teams with APA! to Promote Long-Stay Dogs

A Guest Post by Elizabeth Stolle, Long-Stay Dog Marketing Volunteer
RustyKissArtistSometimes we scratch our heads and wonder why our most well-trained and beloved shelter dogs remain un-adopted for months and months. That’s when a team of staff and volunteers jump into action and try new strategies to get these dogs the loving homes they deserve.

Our Long Stay Dog Marketing Team is hard at work implementing new programs to bring attention to these wonderful dogs too often overlooked by adopters. When local artist and animal-lover, Kimberly Landa, approached APA! about donating her art to … more

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Tipsy’s Broken Heart Needs Mending

tipsy2Meet baby Tipsy. Tipsy is a 3month old Terrier Mix that was born with a congenital defect of her heart called a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA).Online fundraising for Tipsy's Broken Heart Needs Mending

This means that the vessel between the pulmonary and aortic artery is open (patent). This opening allows oxygen-rich blood from the aorta to mix with oxygen-poor blood from the pulmonary artery. This can put strain on the heart and increase blood pressure in the lung arteries.

This is a condition that cannot be corrected without … more

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