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One-eyed Popeye is living the good life

20160110_124641Who has one eye and loves spinach? Popeye. Well maybe he’s not a lover of the leafy greens but this friendly and playful pup did find his forever family back in December. We recently touched base with Popeye’s new family to find out how he’s doing in his new home and as you can see life is pretty good for Popeye.

When Popeye was still with APA! he underwent a wellness exam where our vets discovered a skin irritation that caused Popeye discomfort so they began using cold pressed camelina oil, which was donated … more

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Neo’s APA! Story

A Guest Post By Shorey Russell
neo with his foster momOn November 3rd I received a transport plea that 2 cats were needing a rescue ride from a local shelter to Austin Pets Alive! As someone who loves being a transport volunteer, I jump at the chance to give “Freedom Rides” whenever possible. I didn’t know anything about the cats I was helping, and I couldn’t even see them since they were brought out in cardboard carriers – and for safety I seldom actually peek. Like many volunteers, I enjoy keeping track of where … more

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Say Cheese! And help him too! Almost complete!

cheesePoor Cheese was only a wee kitten of 3 weeks  when he arrived at APA’s doorstep. We could tell he had some sort of vision issues even then but he was so young the most important task was making sure he survived as an orphaned kitten.Online fundraising for Cheese and his multiple eye anomalies!

cheese2Over the last few months (he is now 5 months old) it has become apparent that Cheese has significant eye … more

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Meet Angelique – Rescued from a life on the streets – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

AngeliqueMeet Angelique! Poor Angelique was living in the streets as somebody’s porch kitty stomatisuntil the person feeding her noticed that she was vomiting and had rotten teeth and a terrible looking mouth in general.

After being accepted by the Austin Pets Alive! PASS Program she was immediately examined by the vets where they confirmed she has a condition called gingivostomatitis, or stomatitis.

Stomatitis is a severe and painful condition where the gums become inflamed and ulcerated. It is a chronic condition that is … more

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Send House to Sanctuary

House has been at Austin Pets Alive! for a little over a year. In that time, he’s had the opportunity to know the peace and comfort of a foster home. His foster family fully committed to providing House with everything he would need to move onto a family all his own. He showed a great deal of promise until recently, when a series of unfortunate events (through no fault of his or his foster) resulted in House coming back to the shelter.


At 6 years old, House shows some uncertainty toward … more

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Tipsy – Medical Update

Tipsy had her heart surgery on Jan 21st at the Austin Pets Alive medical clinic. We knew going into it that the procedure would be delicate and the outcome unknown but we owed it to Tipsy to have the procedure done. She is a young pup and needs a healthy heart.

Tipsy’s PDA repair surgery  lasted approximately 2 1/2 hours and ended with Tipsy receiving a blood transfusion and in critical care. Tipsy was stabilized and went into a medical foster home that night where she received constant care and attention.  The next morning medical staff was happy to report that … more

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Gemini – adopted as a pup, returned as an adult

Lets flash back a little. Meet Gemini. Austin Pets Alive first met Gemini as a 1/2 pound, 4 week old puppy back in Gemini2012. She was rescued along with her 10 siblings from the Bastrop shelter where they were to be euthanized. APA took her and her family in, bottle fed them till they were old enough to eat on their own, then be available to adoption. Gemini was a 13 pound fluff ball and was adopted straight out of the gate!

Now lets come back to the present.more

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HostGator Commits To Year-Long Sponsorship

Austin Pets Alive! is proud to announce that web-hosting company, HostGator, has committed to a year-long sponsorship with Austin Pets Alive! that will help provide the necessary funding to help APA! pull even more animals into their programs. HostGator is also a No-Kill Partner this February for the 5th Annual Austin’s No Kill Anniversary Party.

“A huge thank you to HostGator for partnering with APA! to help us save even more companion animals,” said Ellen Jefferson, Executive Director for Austin Pets Alive!, “We are looking forward to building this partnership with HostGator throughout 2016 so we can make Austin even better for … more

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