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The Summer Season is almost over but Summer the dog just got here!

summer2 Meet Sweet Summer! Summer is a 7m old female terrier that was rescued by Austin Pets Alive through the Austin Animal Center afterOnline fundraising for The Summer Season may almost be over but Summer the dog just got here! psssuspected head trauma was diagnosed. When Summer arrived at APA she was a little “off”, walking wobbly and with a head tilt, but the next day was 100% normal and acting like a healthy dog.

Over the next few … more

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Let’s help Madelyn!

madelyn6We need to help Madelyn! She is a 2.5yr old Terrier Mix that is already having knee issues! The ridges that keep the knee cap in place are worn down and are allowing the knee cap to move side to side! Ouch! Madelyn needs corrective surgery of her left knee and needs YOUR help making that happen.Online fundraising for Let's help Madelyn!

Madelyn was very shy at first but is making huge progress. She was found as a stray so who knows what she has endured … more

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O’Malley is meowvalous! Read about him here!


This is O’Malley! O’Malley is a 1yr old grey and white DSH cat that is just purrfect in almost every way! He is a very lovable and loving male cat that adores being rubbed and petted. He has the spunk of a kitten but the manners of an adult!Online fundraising for O'Malley is meowvalous! Read about him here!

O’Malley’s only problem right now are his nasal issues. He is very sneezy and is constantly trying to clear his nasal passages. He does have mucous that the … more

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Keep Ketah’s Family Together

Online fundraising for Keep Ketah's Family TogetherKetah’s mom was down on her luck for awhile and lost her home. Now she has an apartment but is struggling to afford the pet deposit. Ketah has been with her loving mom for 8 years, and they don’t want to be separated because of this financial hurdle. Can you help this family stay together forever?Ketah

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Become a Rufftail Runner

betsey and rufftailrunnersRufftail Runners are set on developing “better-adjusted, healthier, and therefore, more adoptable dogs. And people.”

This program began in 2010 and was opened to the general public in 2011. It started to become even more popular once APA! moved right next to Lady Bird Lake: trail-running while falling in love with a new dog or two was such an alluring way to volunteer.

Rufftail Runner training sessions in the past sometimes had upwards of 80 registered participants. Today, the sessions are capped at 33 eager folks looking to make a difference in the lives of … more

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Meet Arnie!

arnieOnline fundraising for Meet Arnie!Meet Arnie! Arnie is a distinguished gentleman of 11yrs. He is a Chihuahua but not exactly your typical Chihuahua. He is very friendly, calm, and affectionate!

He does have severe dental disease and is in desperate need of dental work but he has a 4/6 heart murmur and is heartworm positive so his heart needs to be evaluated first. Arnie does also have bilateral luxating patellas but since he is a little guy his body is able to cope with them without surgery.

Arnie will … more

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Help us give George a good leg to stand on!

george2Meet George! George is a 4yr old Black-Mouth Cur Mix and is in quite the predicament. He has anOnline fundraising for George doesn't have a good leg to stand on right now! old injury or surgical repair of his left radius that did not heal properly and so now the bones have healed in a way that is painful and not conducive to a healthy, happy living. At the right leg, there is osteoarthritis present which rules out amputation of the left leg (the best and … more

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Stop the Cat Scratching Blues

Cat scratching is no surprise. It’s one of the ways cats communicate, it’s how they deal with excess energy and it’s how they maintain their nails. But if you’re a new kitty mom or dad looking for a cure to the cat scratching blues, try these tips:
Cat Scratch TipsProvide alternatives
Having a special scratching place to call her own may deter your kitty from scratching elsewhere in the home. Place the alternative posts and boards in the way of the areas you want her to stop scratching. Make sure … more

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