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The Joys of Adopting a Senior Dog

How many times have we humans heard the expression, “You’re only as old as you feel”?

adoptseniordogfannieAnd why is it that some days, despite our actual age, we feel younger than we are, while other days, we feel older… ,much older?

…So it is with our canine companions. What constitutes a senior in one breed may be an adult in another – with plenty of room for peppiness in both. Although most veterinarians agree that a dog is considered “senior” around the age of 7, what matters more is the size, not the number.

Small … more

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When Johnny Met Fluffy

kidsandpets3Our childhood animal friends bring so much joy to our lives, creating fond memories that we think about well into adulthood.  As parents, we want to enrich our own children’s lives with the same companionship that comes from a family pet.  
If you are thinking about bringing a new cat or dog into a family with children, APA! has several tips and hints for keeping pets happy and children safe.

Always supervise children and pets, no matter how friendly they are with each … more

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How Cute is Twix!

twix2Isn’t this dog adorable! He is a very sweet 6yr old Pomeranian/King Charles mix that was originallyOnline fundraising for How Cute is Twix! adopted in June of 2012 but just recently returned because sadly his owner just didn’t want him anymore. This is a bad situation for poor Twix but we are glad he is safe and we will do everything we can to find him a permanent home!

Twix has lots of furloss going down his back and around his rump. The vets would like to test him … more

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A Feral-y Special Journey

In honor of National Feral Cat Day (which was October 16th), we asked a local “feral cat” lover to share her experience with these amazing creatures. What she had to say was so powerful, we knew we needed to share…
Pam_IMG_3362“Many people wonder why I love caring for feral kittens.  Put simply, I love the journey they take me on.  It’s a journey of love, patience, and truly what it means to take a leap of faith.  When you give them the time to learn about you, they slowly blossom … more

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Our Recent Fund Graduates! Updates below


So far this month Ely, Tiger Lilly, Grams, and Tallie have all had their medical funds completed and paid for… Read an update on them now!

Ely3Ely is scheduled and ready for his orthopedic surgery! On October 22nd Mobile Veterinary Specialists will come to Austin Pets Alive! to perform bilateral tibial plateau leveling osteotomies on Ely knees. Ely is very excited and can’t wait to REALLY show us just how happy and energetic he is!


grams   Grams is doing well in her foster home. She is still urinating … more

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The Most Difficult and Expensive Shelter Cases……..

Currently Austin Pets Alive! has 9 dogs that are in need of orthopedic surgery. You can read all about them and donate to their cause below. Each of these dogs is currently on pain management therapy regime and in a foster home waiting for their ticket to be called and their surgery to happen. It truly takes a village to keep Austin’s No Kill status, and this group of dogs is a large piece of the puzzle.

Your donations will help this overlooked and underfunded population of dogs get the much needed help they’ve been waiting for!

Shelters across the country are all faced with a common medical issue that … more

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APA! versus SAPA!

The competition is on!
sapa_apa_01(And it comes with an awesome T-shirt!)

It’s San Antonio Pets Alive versus Austin Pets Alive! in a match to see who can sell the most T-shirts this week.

Check out the designs below and order your shirts today! SAPA is knocking it out of the ballpark in sales so we need to catch up ASAP- and we have 7 days to do just that.

icyblue_apa_close_a black_apa_close_a
Purchase your shirt now!

P.S. $10 of every shirt sale … more

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Sweetie Needs Your Help!

Online fundraising for Sweetie Needs Your Help!IMG_5467-2Sweetie’s family has been hiding her in their apartment because they can’t afford the $400 pet deposit, but if they get caught they will get evicted. They adore Sweetie and have made sure she is spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped, but they need help with the deposit to keep her.IMG_5472-2

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