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Leave No Pile Behind — Poop Pollutes!

Scoop the PoopAre you guilty of leaving your dog’s waste on your neighbor’s lawn because you thought you were providing free fertilizer? Perhaps you don’t scoop the poop because you think it’s downright disgusting! Imagine if all dog owners in Austin didn’t scoop the poop. Our dogs create an average of a half pound of excrement per day. With 215,000 dogs in Austin, that adds up to more than 100,000 pounds of dog waste produced throughout the city every day!

Pet waste is a subject everyone likes to avoid, but it … more

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Spikey and his Hurt Paw

Spikey is a clear hospice case, he is an old man with a cancerous mass. The only issue is, his mass is causing him discomfort and was actively bleeding every day. He hit the euthanasia list at another shelter and since then we have been trying to show him love and comfort the APA way.
His amazing hospice foster was bringing him in every day for a bandage change, and he was forced to live out these final days of his life in an enormous and uncomfortable cone…. more

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MayTag is one of the sweetest dogs, you would never believe how kind she is after hearing about the cruelty she has faced. She came to us covered in mud and actual maggots. unnamed[1]

She was totally emaciated, nothing on her body but descended mamory glands from the multiple litters of puppies she has had. We had to take her babies away from her to keep her alive, and they are fat and happy in an amazing foster home.

She had zero socialization, she looked … more

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Love Your Rescue Pet Day KITTYPALOOZA is Saturday, July 18th from 12-6pm.

Come meet your new best kitten friend. We’re having a kitty party in honor of our fabulous foster felines! Give a deserving cat a fur-ever home. All kitties attending will have WAIVED adoption fees!

LYRPD KittyPalooza Adoption Event

Town Lake Animal Center

Saturday, July 18



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mikaIndomitable, unstoppable, Mika. The first year of Mika’s life has been spent bouncing around from owner to owner, until she was ultimately hit by a car and dropped off at the animal shelter. The latest caregiver at the time had no interest in picking her up, so here she is at APA!, looking to try again.

Mika sustained an injury when she was hit by that car and needs surgery to correct her hip. Mika needs an FHO surgery done which is a salvage procedure to alleviate pain.

Mika is very sweet and … more

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July 2015 Volunteer of the Month: Samantha Pollard

Thank you to July’s Volunteer of the Month, Samantha Pollard. She is a dedicated dog foster and works with some of our more difficult behavior cases.

This is what her peers have to say about her:

Samantha Pollard

[Samantha] is the best. She gives so much of herself to APA! and always does so with a positive attitude that encourages other volunteers. She works with challenging behavior dogs, fosters Senior dogs, works tirelessly on the marketing team and has been walking dogs at APA! since about day one. She has played a huge … more

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Media Release: Spay/Neuter Marathon


Austin Pets Alive! Preps More Than 200 Animals For Adoption With Spay/Neuter Marathon

July 10, 2015 (Austin, TX)- Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) is performing more than 200 spay/neuter surgeries over a four-day period to prepare animals affected by flooding for immediate adoption.

IMG_3659From Memorial Day to the end of June, APA! brought 344 more animals into its programs than over the same time last year, in large part due to the floods and ongoing storms. Many of these were sick with … more

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Ringworm: Fight the Fear, Fight the Fungus!

Fight the Fear, Fight the Fungus! by Rachel Sherinian

“What scaly, patchy fur? He’s my best bud!”

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 1.20.30 PM

Two of Ranelle’s current foster kittens, Othello and Yoda, chilling on a Friday night.

It’s likely that you’ve heard of ringworm before. You may have even had it yourself! Perhaps as a child, when it was a well-earned souvenir of a beloved summer camp. It was the little itchy spot that looked like a mosquito bite at first, until it turned into the familiar red ring we know so well.

What is … more

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