Austin Pets Alive! | Kelsy Johnson
Kelsy Johnson

Kelsy Johnson

Director of Strategic Customer Service

Kelsy's extensive background in leading and optimizing customer service operations, particularly within the hospitality industry, brings a wealth of experience to her role at APA!. Her dedication to animal welfare, demonstrated through years of volunteering at shelters and rescues, showcases a personal commitment that goes beyond her professional endeavors.

Her leadership in high-performing teams at 5-star resorts and renowned airlines highlights her ability to create customer-centric cultures. The proven track records of driving cross-functional collaboration and implementing strategies for enhancing customer experience, loyalty, and operational efficiency underscore her effectiveness in shaping positive organizational outcomes.

As a crucial contributor to APA!'s customer service strategy, Kelsy is well-positioned to foster a positive experience for both customers and colleagues. Her commitment to continuous improvement aligns seamlessly with APA!'s mission, and her passion for animal welfare will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the organization's goals of eliminating the killing of companion animals.

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