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Group Volunteering

Our group volunteer activities are limited to ages 18 years or older, and we have two options.


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Groups of 5-15 individuals can assist our Dog Enrichment team at our Town Lake Animal Center location. Our Dog Enrichment Program is integral to APA!’s success in saving large breed dogs.

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Tuck-In Time

Groups of 5-10 individuals can assist with getting our dogs at our Town Lake Animal Center location “tucked-in” for the evening. Volunteers will remove food bowls, pass out blankets as needed, and refill waters. This option will typically be available on weeknights from 6pm-8pm.

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One of our most popular requests from small groups and organizations is to take a tour of our Town Lake Animal Center facility. Due to the nature of our work and limited personnel, we do ask for a minimum donation amount and a certain number of chaperones per child for youth groups.

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Youth Volunteering

Ages 12-17

We always want to be supportive of teens and kids with a giving spirit. We ask that parents/legal guardians complete an orientation and volunteer with their children who wish to volunteer on site.

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Under 12 Years Old

We do recognize that children under 12 years also want to be philanthropic and that not all parents may have the ability to volunteer with their children, so we’ve created a few activities that kids can do at home or school to contribute to APA! and earn volunteer hours.

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Apr 19, 2019

#FundAPA For Pets Like Shop Cat

Shop Cat's heartwarming story of a senior who has survived against all odds is a glaring reminder of why we must work together to save the hundreds of vulnerable cats just like him.

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