Our Mission & Vision

Austin Pets Alive! is not your average animal shelter. We pioneer comprehensive, innovative programs designed to save the animals most at risk for euthanasia.

Our Mission

To promote and provide the resources, education, and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals.

Our Vision

That every shelter animal, in Central Texas and beyond, gets a true chance at the life they deserve.

Our Core Values

INNOVATIVE: Question everything. We lead the No Kill movement because we are constantly solving the unsolvable problems in lifesaving sheltering. INCLUSIVE: People are the solution, not the problem. DRIVEN: No Kill Now. It is our obligation to overcome the obstacles to lifesaving, and we are driven to find measurable, attainable solutions to shelter killing. RESOURCEFUL: Perfection is the enemy of lifesaving. We rely on ourselves, our hands and minds, and the things around us to save the lives who have nothing else. RESPECTFUL: Respect life, in all its diversity, without prejudice. We pride ourselves on the respect, value, and love we give to each individual animal, and balance that with the respect we give to pets as a whole group.