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Since 2008, Austin Pets Alive! has served as a safety net for the most at-risk dogs and cats of Austin, all in our effort to create and maintain Austin as a No-Kill city. When we first began rescuing pets off euthanasia lists, the overall save rate for the city of Austin was 55 percent. That same year, APA! pulled 457 animals from euthanasia lists in Austin and achieved a 99.72% save rate. Over a decade later, the overall save rate in the city of Austin has increased to well over 95 percent. While a lot has changed during this time, Austin Pets Alive!’s commitment to the at-risk animals of Central Texas has never wavered. As a result of Austin’s lifesaving successes, the animals that need APA! today are vastly more challenging than those back in 2008. In spite of the increasingly challenging cases we take in -- both behaviorally and medically -- we are incredibly proud to maintain outstandingly high annual save rates.

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