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Melody Wilhelm

Director Data Strategy and Analytics

As the Director of Data Strategy and Analytics, Melody brings a wealth of experience in shaping the strategic direction of data and analytics function and aligns these efforts with APA!’s missions, visions, and values. With a deep understanding of data strategy and analytics, Melody collaborates across all organizational levels, providing expert guidance and training on data-related matters. She excels in developing and implementing data policies, procedures, and programs ensuring seamless integration of data-driven solutions within the shelter environment.

Melody has a proven track record in data strategy and analytics, having worked with esteemed companies including General Motors, Audi, and Electronic Arts. Her extensive corporate experience has equipped her with valuable insights, which she has seamlessly transitioned to the nonprofit sector, enhancing APA!'s data strategy and analytics initiatives.

Melody’s commitment to harnessing data for positive impact is evident in her efforts to improve the lives of both animals and the people who care for them. Her distinctive background and expertise position her as a valuable asset in APA!'s rapidly evolving landscape of data-driven decision-making.

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