Neonatal Kitten Program

About the program


The Neonatal Kitten Nursery Program is a unique and creative approach to saving an entire class of especially fragile, homeless animals. The program targets orphaned, unweaned kittens that were fated for euthanasia at many Central Texas shelters.

Each year, especially during the breeding season (which spans from March to October), shelters are overwhelmed with orphaned kittens. Prior to APA!’s introduction of the Bottle Baby Nursery Program, nearly all of these kittens were euthanized because neither the shelters nor local rescue groups in the community could provide the intensive care that these special little ones need to survive. By feeding, treating and providing shelter to kittens that would have otherwise been euthanized, this nursery fills the gap in the shelter community that is necessary to save the lives of thousands of kittens each year.

Program Achievements

  • Since opening in 2011, the nursery has pulled 100% of the unweaned kitten population from AAC, making a drastic impact in the save rate for Austin
  • In the last 3 years the neonatal kitten nursery has maintained a 90% survival rate.
  • Since the program began, we have saved over 7,000 orphaned kittens
  • The nursery adopted an all in/all out method in 2013, transforming the nursery into 3 separate quarantined areas to reduce the spreading of illness across groups of kittens

Please consider helping our groundbreaking and live-saving Bottle Baby Nursery Program by volunteering, fostering, and/or donating!

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