Dog Behavior Program

About the Dog Behavior ProgramBelindacarrie

The Austin Pets Alive! Dog Behavior Program’s mission is to provide the dogs in our care all available resources to enhance their quality of life and prepare dogs for life outside of APA!.

We recognize, respect, and treat each animal as an individual, ultimately creating and supporting healthy, appropriate behavior in companion dogs within our community. Watch our latest Click-For-Quiet video.

We create and support healthy, appropriate canine behavior by providing:

  • Dog Playgroups: Playgroups are a great way for dogs to socialize with one another and get exercise while potential adopters and staff at APA! get a better idea of their unique traits. Based on the Dogs Playing for Life model, this part of the dog behavior program has led to the saving and enrichment of countless lives at APA!
  • Canine Good Citizen Training: The CGC Ready Program is a pilot program funded by Best Friends Animal Society with the intention to further enrich the lives of our large breed and adoptable dogs. This program teaches the eligible dogs the ten tests of the Canine Good Citizen, equipping the dog with the tools and confidence to behave appropriately out in the world. After an adoption of a Canine Good Citizen Ready dog, adopters are encouraged to come back for their official certification.
  • Adoption Follow-Ups: The adoption follow-up program is provided by APA!’s behavior department staff and is a complimentary service for all dogs adopted from APA! regardless of age, size, breed, medical, or behavior history. The follow-up services include phone consultations, private lessons, unlimited support. The APA! Dog Behavior Staff cannot provide basic obedience, but we will provide support for any behavioral issues/concerns.

Program Achievementshollybarry3-X3

  • Dogs in the CGC program have experienced an 80% decrease in length of stay and a 30% increase in adoption rates
  • More than 130 dogs attend playgroup each day
  • Dogs in the CGC program receive more than 45 minutes of hands-on training every day
  • Each day, 15-20 dogs receive some form of behavior training outside of the CGC curriculum

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