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About Dazey’s Ward

Dazey’s Ward is designed to treat cats with ringworm that would have likely been euthanized in other shelter settings. By separating the cats from other animals and providing care and treatment (oral and dip treatment), this ward contains the fungus (very similar to athlete’s foot) and ensures that ringworm kitties have a shot at finding their forever home.

The motto in Dazey’s Ward is: 

If it’s dirty, clean it.
If it’s empty, fill it.
If it looks funny, tell someone.
If it’s missing fur and purrs, love it.

Visitors are always welcome stop by Dazey’s Ringworm Ward at the at Town Lake Animal Center to see some wonderful cats who just happen to have ringworm.  Such kitties are adoptable immediately.  Alternately, cats who are not adopted directly from the ward will graduate to the main cattery once their ringworm has been successfully treated.

History of Dazey’s Ward

The initial funding for Dazey’s Ringworm Ward was provided in memory of a kitty named Dazey.

Although only a kitten, Dazey had been brought into the city pound for biting.  She was in the ‘bad cat’ bin (for a requisite 10-day quarantine) when her potential adopters ventured to the shelter.

Dazey was adopted by the couple, and they enjoyed her company for six years before she was taken from them tragically and too soon.  In an effort to redirect their grief, they decided to donate to a local animal charity.  Austin Pets Alive! kept coming up during their inquiries, so they arranged for a tour of the facilities and had an informative discussion about sponsorship opportunities.

Just as Dazey was once considered a ‘discard’, ringworm kitties often have the same undeserved stigma.  Funding for the ringworm program at APA! was an appropriate segue and tribute:  a ringworm program would benefit cats who are highly adoptable but have had some bad luck and need of a second chance.

Dazey’s Ward has been operational since the fall of 2010 and in its first year of operation, saved almost 200 cats.

“In memory of Dazey, our sweet and beloved kitty rescued from the ‘bad cat’ bin.  Cheers to second chances!”

— R & L

Program achievements

  • Dazey’s Ward performs lyme dip treatments on as many as 100 cats each week
  • More than 500 cats have completed treatment or been adopted directly from the ward since 2010

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Interested in adopting a cat with ringworm or curious about what ringworm is? Check out our FAQs.

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