Austin Pets Alive! | Cafe
Feb 04, 2013


How much do we love this boy? Well, let us tell you! Look into Cafe’s beautiful, soulful eyes and you’ll fall in love too. This handsome guy has a smile that lasts for days and soft, soft fur that you’ll love to touch. He will gaze into your eyes for hours as though begging you for your love.

This big guy hasn’t had an easy life, but he hasn’t given up looking for love. Like anyone who’s had his heart broken, Cafe doesn’t give himself to everyone. He is careful with people he just meets and prefers to take it slow. Once he knows you’re there for him, he wants to be next to you all the time. He’s a great cuddler (and he doesn’t snore!) and he gives wonderful doggy kisses.

To help Cafe with his hesitancy towards some humans, he has been accepted in to the Canine Center’s Social Immersion Program. It will allow him to live and train with 6 different trainers for anywhere from 3-7 days each (depending on how quick he acclimates and settles in, when comfortable he moves to next home). This program will truly help Cafe learn to love again – will you support him on his journey?