Austin Pets Alive! | Kapoa’s Got Arthritis! – FUND COMPLETED!
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Apr 17, 2017

Kapoa’s Got Arthritis! – FUND COMPLETED!

Rickety, crickety, crack! Kapoa’s joints are going clickity clack!

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If you’ve ever had an achey joint, then you know how painful it can be. Poor buddy Kapoa has a few aches and pains after a series of bad luck bone issues. This tough pitty mix has had a couple orthopedic surgeries to correct his issues, with a very real possibility of amputations.

He’s been fortunate enough to keep all of his legs, but that’s not been without some side effects. Kapoa’s developed a fair amount of painful arthritis that keeps him on his toes, and not in a fun way. He just wants to relax and enjoy his 4-legged life without saying ‘ouch’ between each step!

One of the wonderful vets who works with Austin Pets Alive would like to do a procedure called arthrocentesis to help alleviate some of the pain. Kapoa has so much life left in him, we’d hate to see him go through it with a wince and a grimace.

Kapoa says, “Thank you!”