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Jun 06, 2017

Marbles’ Knee Surgery – FUND COMPLETED!

Marbles is a sweet little girl who’s had a rough time. She’s super scared in the shelter, so scared that she’d prefer to curl up and be carried around in a sling! Luckily she has a great foster who is working on making her feel better mentally, now we need to make her feel better physically.She has some very bad knees that won’t stay in place. Known as a ‘luxating patella’, where her knee caps roll out of place every step she takes. Luckily there is a fairly common surgery – Bilateral MPL Surgery – with a high success rate that can help deepen the knee grooves and keep all the parts where they should be! As soon as the money ($1,250) is raised, this little lady will be on the mend and looking for a quiet, loving, forever home.

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