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Nov 12, 2021

Momoshiki's Continence Issues - GOAL REACHED!



11/23 update: GOAL REACHED!

Calling all Naruto fans! Momoshiki has arrived and needs your help! Even if you’re not a Naruto fan, Momoshiki has the kindest heart and loves a good forehead kiss.

This one year old boy came to us from Rusk County Pets Alive! with Parvo. He survived Parvo like a champ but has been struggling with continence issues for a while. We need to send out some fecal tests and get him on some medication to start treating his diarrhea.

We know it’s not the sexiest, but every medical condition deserves the same attention and support! Chip-in to our $300 goal so Momoshiki can get back to ninja training ASAP.

*At times a chip-in fund will raise more than a pet needs. When this happens, rest assured that excess gifts will be used to help another pet in need of your assistance! Thank you for helping us help pets!

Momoshiki Needs Your Help!

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