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Nov 14, 2016

Morlock, The Poodle Mix with a Special Heart – SURGERY PERFORMED!

Name: Morlock

Talent: Hide and seek. Morlock has such a keen sense of smell that his foster mates have a hard time hiding from him. Whether hiding under the bed or behind the pantry door, Morlock is the reigning hide and seek champion in his foster home.

Exercise: He prefers to stretch his legs with a jaunt around the backyard or chasing his other dog friends.

Personality: He is a lover, not a fighter and loves getting attention from his foster mom.

What makes him special: He has a special heart. He has a grade 5 heart murmur caused by pulmonic stenosis, a congenital narrowing of flow between the heart and pulmonic valve.

Partner helping APA! on his case: Mettasound Veterinary Imaging

Morlock’s visit to Mettasound:


Morlock presented to the medical clinic with a diaphragmatic hernia found on radiographs and a grade 5 heart murmur. The echo I performed on him showed that he had severe valvular pulmonic stenosis. Many animals present to APA with medical issues and having an echocardiogram or abdominal ultrasound allows the medical team to decide on treatment plan and prognosis. My company has handled APAs ultrasound needs since their inception. – Robyn Roberts, RDMS

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Morlock is the perfect example of a dog who would be euthanized because his condition seems un-treatable. Thankfully, thanks to the generous donations made towards Morlock’s consultation at Texas A&M he was able to be evaluated for surgery back on October 20. What’s better is that it turns out Morlock is a good candidate for surgical repair. The specialists who did his consult feel two separate surgeries are necessary to address the pulmonic stenosis and diaphragmatic hernia, with the heart surgery being most urgent.

You can read more about Morlock’s pending surgery and how you can help by visiting his chip-in page: