Austin Pets Alive! | Nyla needs another miracle! – FUNDED! THANK YOU!
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Mar 18, 2017

Nyla needs another miracle! – FUNDED! THANK YOU!

Who can resist this face?

Somehow, Nyla has survived to the age of 3 without any real vet care. We really don’t know how. She came to APA unresponsive and having severe neurological issues. Bloodwork determined that Nyla had a liver shunt, which means that blood is not being properly filtered through the liver, causing toxins to build up in the body. Nyla went to foster with one of our clinic staff and we determined that she was exhibiting more symptoms than those caused by a liver shunt.She had an ultrasound, which confirmed there was more going on inside this teeny pup. The liver shunt was definitely present, but it also showed that one of her ureters (the tube that feeds the kidney) is completely blocked. This has caused serious damage to one of her kidneys. Due to the kidney damage, she has also developed bladder stones. Add to this a cleft palate and a mass in her mouth due to abnormal teeth. It is truly miraculous not only that she survived, but that she has such an amazingly sweet disposition. Nyla is four and one half pounds of spunkiness!The good news…these things can be surgically repaired!! Can you help us raise the funds to make Nyla comfortable?