Austin Pets Alive! | Patsy has an appetite for well….anything. – FUND…
Sep 05, 2016

Patsy has an appetite for well….anything. – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

Meet Patsy! This 3 yr old wonderful girl is certainly special. Everybody in the medical clinic and dog program knows Patsy and knows her well. Patsy has an appetite for well…anything. She just can’t seem to find something to eat she doesn’t like. This includes zippers, shirts, leashes, and of course food!


Patsy’s penchant for turning anything into food has become very dangerous for her to the point where the safest place for her to be is an empty room with nothing in it. Obviously that’s not a happy life or a life that we want to give Patsy. Despite her foster being extremely diligent in preventing Patsy from have access to anything that could possibly be eaten, Patsy has had to undergo THREE intestinal foreign body surgeries. This is not your average “likes to eat things” kinda dog folks. Patsy could die from this terrible problem if we can’t find a way to help her.


The vets at APA would like to run full panel blood work and fecal labs on her to rule anything medical that could be causing her to eat anything in sight. If there is an underlying treatable condition we need to find it and treat it ASAP.

Donate to Patsy TODAY and help APA help her!