Austin Pets Alive! | Quess and Quarry: Donate the Gift of Eyesight
Sep 23, 2014

Quess and Quarry: Donate the Gift of Eyesight

Quess and Quarry are two unique siblings. They are a brother (solid grey) and sister (silver tabby) duo that were both born with a congenital abnormality called Eyelid Agenesis. The condition results in the lack of upper eyelid, usually the top outer corner, and causes eye lashed to rub the cornea. With no protective eyelid the cornea is constantly irritated and is very uncomfortable for the kittens.


Because Quess and Quarry came to Austin Pets Alive through the Baby Bottle Program we had to wait until they were older and bigger to have them evaluated by a veterinarian opthamologist and confirm that surgery was needed. They have been on daily medications to help keep the eyes lubricated (creating a barrier) and antibiotics (to keep infections away) but it’s finally their time to have surgical correction and live a normal life with healthy eyes.

The procedure needed will permanently remove the surrounding hairs and lashes so that the constant rubbing of the cornea is not possible. This surgery is the only surgery that will help these siblings. Both of these kittens are loving, playful, and are doing considerably well with their abnormality, but then again, they don’t know what it’s like to have pain-free eyes.

Donating towards their surgery will quite literally be giving them the Gift of Eyesight.