Austin Pets Alive! | Remember Penelope?
Aug 18, 2014

Remember Penelope?

A few months ago, you may have seen Penelope’s story on the news. She had been brutally attacked by a dog in her own home and her jaw had been broken. It was also discovered that she had unweaned kittens to take care of!

Since then, all of Penelope kittens have grown up and found their forever homes!

While it didn’t keep her from being a wonderful momma, Penelope continues to recover from the traumatic event.

One injury that has remained is a pesky puncture in the roof of her mouth that was discovered during her recovery period. This puncture often makes it difficult to eat and moves food into her nasal passages.


After two surgeries, the puncture has not successfully been repaired. To help Penelope recover completely, we would like to consult with a specialist to see how to get her back in prime condition.

While Penelope has recovered very well from her jaw surgery and is happy and stable, she needs your help to be whole again and love the life she did before.

Can you help make Penelope whole again?