Austin Pets Alive! | River’s Addison’s Testing – FUND COMPLETED!
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Jan 18, 2018

River’s Addison’s Testing – FUND COMPLETED!

If you’ve never seen a dog get so excited to meet you that she falls over, then you’ve never met River! This little lady has an unwavering love for life, and doesn’t let a little lesion on her brain slow her down. While her condition causes her to lose control over her limbs and struggle to walk, she still loves to move around and enjoy the people in her life. Recently, she has had a few episodes of unexplained lethargy and is just not acting like her usual self. The APA! Clinic team would like to rule out the possibility of a disease called Addison’s that could be exacerbating her situation by running a simple test. This test will help the clinic team determine the next steps to help River continue to live her life to the fullest!