Feb 04, 2013


Sera is very loyal and affectionate dog. Once she trusts you, she will be by your side, making sure you are safe and accounted for, at all times. While she would prefer to cuddle up to you at night, she is also completely content to be in her kennel in your vicinity. While choosy and particular about her canine friends, she will be a delightful playmate to those that prove themselves worthy. Her smile is the most radiant when she is running like the wind from point A to point B. Though highly energetic and very athletic, she also enjoys lounge time around the house and some dedicated bone chewing time in her crate.

Sera has heartworms and is in need of treatment. Please consider a donation towards her treatment that will make her not only feel better, but also easier to adopt into a loving home. Thank you!

Ways to Give

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