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Jul 27, 2015

Spikey and his Hurt Paw – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU

Spikey is a clear hospice case, he is an old man with a cancerous mass. The only issue is, his mass is causing him discomfort and was actively bleeding every day. He hit the euthanasia list at another shelter and since then we have been trying to show him love and comfort the APA way.


His amazing hospice foster was bringing him in every day for a bandage change, and he was forced to live out these final days of his life in an enormous and uncomfortable cone.

He constantly picked at it and the way that it is attached it was just going to be way too difficult for us to remove in house.

When our surgical specialist was here doing an orthopedic surgery, he met Spikey– who was here with his foster, for one of his DAILY bandage changes.

The surgeon asked “isn’t there something I can do today to make Spikey more comfortable?” He started out trying to fashion him a permanent cast or splint and then said “okay I’m just going to take this off!”

We all agreed that Spikey needed a better quality of life, since we are going to have him live out his days with a hospice foster.


We would like to pay the surgeon $100 for the work that he did, which is about 10% of what he could have charged us for the surgery.

Can you help us repay and thank Dr. Allman for his thoughtfulness and help us be able to provide this excellent level of care for other senior animals and hospice patients?