Austin Pets Alive! | Thank you! Contribution Update Part 1
Dobby 298X250
Apr 04, 2014

Thank you! Contribution Update Part 1

Thank you to all of the wonderful supporters who have donated money to help the homeless animals under the care of APA!.

Here is Part 1 of a brief update on how your money has saved lives.



Dolly is a senior lady with heart disease who has raised $100 of the $200 needed to buy her medications. She has started her medication and is doing well so far!



Leia was in need of behavior modification medications. She appeared friendly but would lash out at people even as a barn cat. She is now on a specialized formula that allows us to medicate her safely. This will hopefully ease some of her aggressive behavior.

Agent Colson


Agent Colson is a cat that was posted for a congenital eyelid disorder and needed surgery at an eye specialists. His foster is now working with the specialist and he will have surgery soon!



Quickie needed surgery quickly after being diagnosed with a congenial liver shunt that prevented her body from removing toxins causing her to have seizures and poor quality of life. Quickie has had her surgery and has recovered perfectly! She is no longer having seizures and is living a happy, normal kitty life! Quickie’s foster is also our February Volunteer of the Month, Kate Hill!



Dobby is the epitome of the kind of dog that relies on APA! She is a happy, 6-year-old pit mix with orthopedic issues, anxiety issues, and heart failure. But boy can she wag her tail and love on you! Dobby is in a fabulous foster home and still needs help paying for her ongoing medical and behavior issues.