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Mar 30, 2022

Trinity's Torn Knee Surgery - GOAL REACHED!



5/11 update: GOAL REACHED!

Updated post: You might remember that Trinity came to APA! and needed immediate surgery on her left hip and her hip is completed healed now! During a follow up appointment, our orthopedic veterinarian discovered her right knee has a torn ligament due to the trauma of her accident. Trinity has already healed so much, but she deserves to live a life without pain and discomfort. This knee surgery will cost $800. Can you help Trinity receive her second surgery?

Original post: A good Samaritan (who just so happened to be a veterinarian) was at the right place and time to save sweet Trinity’s life. The veterinarian witnessed Trinity get hit by a car and immediately brought her into their clinic and started lifesaving treatment, including: inserting a catheter, getting x rays, and administering pain meds. They transferred Trinity to Austin Animal Center on a stretcher and AAC needed our help to come up with a treatment plan for this pup.

Upon arrival at APA!, Trinity was unable to stand, suffering a large open wound on her right side, and had multiple rib fractures. She was seen by our orthopedic surgeon and it was determined she needs an immediate $1,750 hip luxation repair surgery. There is a possibility she will need a second surgery on her other leg for a traumatic MPL injury, as well.

At any other shelter, Trinity would immediately be euthanized due to the extent of her injuries. Here at APA!, we know that Trinity, a two year old dog at the wrong place and wrong time, deserves a long and healthy life. But we need your help. Every gift counts so please chip-in for Trinity today!

*At times a chip-in fund will raise more than a pet needs. When this happens, rest assured that excess gifts will be used to help another pet in need of your assistance! Thank you for helping us help pets!

Trinity Needs Your Help!

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