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Apr 12, 2017

Update: Daphne is still undergoing treatment – FUND COMPLETED!

You may remember Daphne from a previous blog post. Daphne suffered from acid reflux during a surgical procedure that left her unable to swallow any food. The stomach acid caused burns in a portion of her esophagus that resulted in scar tissue narrowing the opening. It was a rare and life threatening condition. Daphne was losing weight from not being able to keep food down and was losing her spirit.

Because of the generous donations Daphne received, she has been undergoing treatment at a emergency and specialty hospital that utilizes a special “balloon” to, over time, breakdown the scar tissue, thus open the narrowing.

Daphne has had three procedures, once a week, and has been doing very well. It appeared the treatment was successful. She has come so far and has gained weight as well as her spirit back. Sadly, two weeks later Daphne’s esophagus is beginning to narrow again requiring further procedures.

APA needs your help to continue treating Daphne and getting her the relief she needs to live and eat freely. Her medical bills are overwhelming but with your continued support Daphne will complete her treatment and move up and on.