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Jan 28, 2013

Update on Victory

Here is a great update on Victory from her foster and her vet:

Foster Home Update: Victory is the sweetest girl and remarkably trusting. She follows me around the house with her tail wagging and curls up for a nap wherever I am. I put down blankets in my main rooms and she loves curling up in them. She’s been the perfect house guest: she’s housebroken, hasn’t gotten into anything, stays off the furniture and greets company v

ery politely, although slightly hesitantly. She knows how to sit for a treat. She dives into her food bowl with great enthusiasm and crates some what reluctantly, but easily. She sniffs absolutely everything so her sense of smell is still going strong! She really wants to play with my dog, inviting with play bows (but of course, my unsociable dog wants nothing to do with her). I gave her a bath last night, at least from the neck down, and she tolerated it. Afterwards, she broke into a case of the “zoomies” and absolutely loved getting toweled off repeatedly. She loves getting petted and her belly rubbed. She has bouts of friskiness, but does sleep a great deal – not sure if that’s due to the drugs, stress, or if she’s an older girl. This dog was definitely in a home before and acts like she was well treated at least some point in her life.

Specialist Vet Update: The Doctor believes that he can pull the skin on her snout forward and cover the nose, which will both keep it protected and as a cosmetic fix. He will also make her nostrils bigger so it will be easier to breath. He doesn’t think she’s in a whole lot of pain, and surgery will be scheduled as soon as possible!

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support of Victory. We are excited to see her journey to being a healthy, loved dog and will keep you updated on her progress. Thank you!