Austin Pets Alive! | Urgent – Tipsy’s Heart Surgery Was Unsuccessful…
Mar 18, 2016

Urgent – Tipsy’s Heart Surgery Was Unsuccessful – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

Most of you may remember Tipsy. Tipsy’s story was first posted in November 2015. She was transferred to APA because of a congenital heart defect known as a PDA and was to be euthanized immediately.

Austin Pets Alive took her in and raised the money for her heart surgery that was performed January 21st. The surgery was very complicated and we now know, unsuccessful.

While Tipsy has recovered and is living in a wonderful foster home she still needs the defect corrected and Austin Pets Alive is determined to see Tipsy through and make this happen for her. Without correction Tipsy’s lifespan is without a doubt reduced.


Tipsy’s next step is a trip to Texas A&M for evaluation and hopefully surgery.

Tipsy is full of life and is just the sweetest pup ever. She loves to smell the roses (as you can see!) and enjoys interacting with other dogs and most of all people!

Can you help her get to Texas A&M?