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Project Overview

We will take in and treat 1,000 parvo puppies before the end of 2023. $80,000 is urgently needed to save and care for puppies struggling to survive this terrible disease that few shelters even attempt to treat. Our Puppy Parvo ICU is the only lifeline available to these deserving puppies, and we need your help to give them the very best chance at survival.

The first of its kind in the nation, the Parvo Puppy ICU provides care and rehabilitation to puppies who contract parvovirus and would be killed in other shelters. Austin Pets Alive! began saving dogs with parvovirus in 2008. Although parvo is completely preventable through proper vaccinations, when puppies do contract parvovirus we provide an alternative to euthanasia, which is what many of these vulnerable animals face at shelters across the country. Over the last 15 years, we have pulled all dogs diagnosed with parvovirus from the Austin city shelter, have been able to create a first of its kind Parvo Puppy ICU at our Town Lake Adoption Center, and have treated nearly 8,000 dogs. Before the existence of our Parvo Puppy ICU, all dogs in the Central Texas area with parvovirus, or who were suspected of having parvovirus, were euthanized immediately.

Austin Pets Alive! now provides shelters with an alternative to euthanasia for puppies who contract parvovirus, and saves around 1,000 lives each year from all over Texas. In addition, our Parvo Puppy ICU hosts students throughout the year to share our knowledge and provide other shelters and rescues across the country with the information they need to help save dogs with parvo in their own communities.

Take a look at the results of an APA! study done showing that once the puppies are free of parvo, these amazing young dogs go on to lead normal, healthy lives!