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Creating an emotional connection between potential adopters and the dog that will drive them to act by sharing, advocating, adopting or fostering!

As the spokesperson for your dog, you have access to a number of marketing tools--APA! Dog Profile, Instagram, Facebook--to help ensure everyone knows who your dog is and what will make them happy and healthy in their new home.

Dog Marketing Guide

We are their photographers, videographers, and biographers. For a visual guide to contacts, timing, photo and video tips, 5-step bio flow, submission how-tos, and more, check out the Fosters, Let's Get Marketing Guide.

1-7 Days:

Submit Photos & Videos

7-14 Days:

Share Bio & Behavior Detail

7+ Days:

Review Details + Promote on Social Media

14+ Days:

Submit Additional Photos & Videos

Marketing Timeline

To help you manage your APA! dog's profile and ensure potential adopters see them as quickly as possible, we'd like to recommend adding these to your calendar:

Dm1 Photos & Videos
Dm2 Bio
Dm3 Details
Dm4 Scores


The details below are completed by the APA! Medical, Adoption, and Dog Foster Program Teams but some may be adjusted by the appropriate teams.

    • Name: Names MUST remain as given unless there is a spelling error. You may call the dog by a nickname at home if preferred. For spelling errors, email [email protected].
    • Looks Like: Breed MUST remain as assigned in the system once rabies vaccination is given by APA!. For specific questions, email [email protected].
    • Sex: If there is a discrepancy, email a photo of the dog's genital area to [email protected].
    • Current Weight: This represents the CURRENT weight of the dog and NOT the weight the dog will be as an adult. If a current weight needs to be changed, email proof of new weight to [email protected].
    • Estimated Age: Age MUST remain as assigned in our system once the rabies vaccination has been administered.
    • Fee: Fees vary with age, breed, and medical treatment. Parvo is higher given the intensive medical care they receive. For specific questions, email [email protected]


Share Photos. Submit via the APA! Dog Photo & Video Form

Submit well-lit and high-quality photos to get their profile started. As their personalities show themselves or you go on adventures, please feel free to share more! We strive to have 7 good photos published in the profile carousel

  • Headshot: Smiley close up of their face looking at the camera.
  • Full Body: Overall body size and coat color and pattern.
  • Personality: Goofy or stoic expression.
  • Simple Pleasures: Playtime, snuggle time, hiking, swimming, and other endearing moments.
  • Compatibility: Moments with dogs, cats, and people (as appropriate for the dog).

Tips for Taking Great Photos:

  • Take Some as Landscape (Horizontal): Provide more photo options for use on profile and marketing platforms.
  • Take a Few Steps Back: Allow for buffer space. Closeups are harder to use on profiles.
  • Use Natural Light: Get outside to take advantage of the sun. When inside, get near a window or turn on lights to ensure they are brightly lit.
  • Say Something with Your Photo: Capture the simple pleasures your foster loves--snuggling, playing, napping, walking, snacking, etc.
  • Focus on the Eyes: Show off the most expressive part of the face. Use lures (toys, treats, sounds) to get them to look at you.
  • Choose Contrasting Background to Dog Fur: Make them stand out with contrasting color backgrounds. Lighter for dark dogs and darker for light dogs.
  • Get Rid of Clutter: Remove distractions to keep the focus on the dog.
  • Shoot in Their World: Take photos at their level and from a distance, if they are comfortable.

Questions: Contact [email protected]


Share Videos. Submit via the APA! Dog Photo & Video Form

Videos are a great way to share your foster's personality. We strive to have 5 good videos published in the profile carousel. When you shoot, remember:

  • Orientation: Turn the phone sideways to shoot horizontally, if possible.
  • Time: Video clip should be a min of 10 sec and a max of 40 secs. Full videos a max of 2:30.
  • Light: Get outside to take advantage of the sun. When inside, get near a window or turn on lights to ensure they are brightly lit.
  • Personality: Show playing with toys or other dogs, doing tricks, going for car rides, or anything else that will catch an adopter's attention.
  • Multiple Clips: Share multiple videos as the team can stitch together as needed.
  • Language: Be aware of appropriate human language.

Should the file size be too large, please use to send your videos.

Questions: Contact [email protected]


Share a Bio. Use the APA! Dog Bio & Scores Form to share a written bio or answer questions that will allow the Dog Bio Team to write one for you.

You know your dog better than anyone and can help to highlight what they are looking for in a new home. Be sure to include: Affection and energy level, if the dog is good with kids, dogs, or cats, if they’re house and crate-trained, what commands they know, and all cute and endearing behaviors! If you need some examples, visit the APA! Available Dogs page.

Here's the ideal bio structure:

  • Open with a fun, attention-grabbing introductory statement (“Hunky Brock is ready to romp into your life!”)
  • Follow with positive, funny descriptions or a quick story to help adopters feel a connection to the pet. This is where you want to really bring out something unique to the dog. Are they playful or a couch potato? Do they have a favorite toy or a funny habit? How do they show affection, what makes them excited, what makes you smile about them? (“Brock is a gentle giant. You wouldn’t think it, but he loves stuffed plushies and carries them around wherever he goes like they’re his babies!”)
  • In a second paragraph, share an overview of their training (housetraining, commands) and if they do well with dogs/cats/kids. Do they know sit and stay? Are they house-trained and crate-trained? Do they live happily with other dogs, cats, or kids (and if you don’t know, just don’t include that part). If the dog isn’t really trained or is hyper, just say something like “he’d love to continue working on his training with you!” and leave it at that. Do treats or toys motivate them? (“Brock has great leash-walking skills and can be left home alone successfully! He also loves kitty cats and would do fine with a feline friend.”)
  • Next, if needed, offer a brief description of special behavior, medical needs, or ideal home set-up. Ideal set-up could include a fenced-in yard or people who are home a good amount of time or being your one and only. (“Brock would prefer to live in an adult-only home because his size can be a little too much for small kiddos.”)
  • End with a positive closing statement and a call-to-action (“Brock would make a loving companion and wonderful Netflix buddy. Come meet Brock today!”)

In the end, the bio should really be around 3-4 paragraphs long, with some wiggle room on length. For more writing tips, visit the PAW's Pet Bio page.

Need to rewrite a dog’s bio? Please use the Dog Bio & Scores Form and select the "Submit Your Own Bio" option.

Need to make minor edits to a dog’s bio? Please email them with the dog’s name in the subject line to [email protected].

Questions: Contact [email protected]


Share Behavior Details to Inform Scores. Complete the Dog Bio & Scores Form

PLEASE NOTE: A number of APA! teams work to accurately assess and assign scores for each dog based on their bio, shelter and foster notes, and other background information. Though, should you feel that a dog's scores should be reviewed by a team based on new interactions or changes, please provide additional information via the form.

Questions: Contact [email protected]


Social sites give us the chance to share priceless moments, laughable stories, or just a dog doing doggie things in real time, which gives us a chance to build a community around them. That means more people will care about the dogs, talk about the dogs, and, consequently, more dogs will find homes.

Social Sites

  • Facebook: Share photos, videos, and memes. Use captions to share details and stories. Use hashtags.
  • Instagram: Share photos and videos (will be squared when posted). Keep copy short. Use hashtags.
  • Twitter: Share photos and videos. Use captions to share details and stories.
  • Other Non Social Sites: Nextdoor - Austin, Reddit, and Craigslist- Austin


  • General APA!: #apasaveslives, #austinpetsalive, #livesworthsaving, #rescue, #rescuedog, #rescuedogs, #rescuedogsofinstagram, #shelterdog, #shelterdogs, #rescuedismyfavoritebreed,, #adoptdontshop, #apasaveslives, #atxadoptables, #austin, #dogsofinstagram, #dogstagram, #austin, #austintexas, #austintx
  • Pitbulls: #pitbull, #pitbullsofinstagram
  • Seniors: #apaseniorclass, #seniordog, #seniordogs, #seniordogsofinstagram, #seniordogsrock, #seniordogsrule, #seniorsweetheart, #seniorsweethearts, #teamsenior
  • Long Stays: #apalongstaydogs


I've been told my dog is "available" or my puppy will be "available" when 7 weeks old but I don't see them listed. When will the dog's profile show on APA! site?: Email [email protected].

I've received numerous adoption inquiries and need time to review applicants. How do I request my dog to be made temporarily "unavailable"? Email [email protected].

Will APA! Marketing promote my dog on social media? The Available Dogs page receives a lot of traffic and a majority of the people who adopt a dog from APA! first see that dog on that page.