APA’s first babies of the New Year!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Adoptions, Foster, Pets Needing Homes

Mama Babs, a sweet Olde English Bulldog mix, gave birth to APA’s first doggie litter of 2013! Between 2am and 5am, we received 5 boys and 3 girls. All are healthy, vocal, and eating on their own. They will most likely grow up to have a brindle coat like their beautiful mother as they are black with a brownish tint.

Babs is an extremely friendly girl, who just wants to be around people. She spent New Year’s Eve at a party with a crowd of people, and she absolutely loved it despite being almost ready to pop. She was the hit of the party, and shared hugs with anyone who wanted love. She practiced great mothering skills as she played with a 5 month old human baby and 2 year old toddler.  She not only let them touch her… she loved that they petted, pulled and squeezed her to death. She was so gentle with the baby, and gave him little kisses and placed her head in his lap.

She is completely house broken, and knows some commands already. Ask her if she wants to go outside for a walk, she will run to the front door, sit, and wait patiently to go.

With her babies not even 24 hours old, she is already the best mom. She does not want to leave their side for her own potty breaks. She has no problems with her foster holding her puppies as long as she can see that they are safe.

This is an especially sweet mom, who will be ready for adoption after her babies are ready to leave her in eight weeks and she is spayed. The babies will be ready for their forever home in two months, and there is no doubt they will find their homes quickly. APA is happy to welcome this family and the first babies of 2013!