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cocoHave you ever wanted your own little pet tiger? How about one that will put her head in your lap while you give her a belly rub? Our Coco might be just the girl for you. With her striking, striped brindle coat and piercing amber eyes, Coco almost looks more like a little tigress than a dog.

But it’s taken some time for Coco’s inner and outer beauty to shine. When APA rescued her, she had been abandoned along with her litter of puppies. They were all terribly skinny, and Coco was very hand shy at first, suggesting she might have been treated poorly in the past. Since then, Coco’s puppies have all been scooped up by adopters, but Coco is still waiting for the right family to find her.

Being at the adoption sites with all the commotion and other dogs was a bit overwhelming for Coco, so an APA foster took her in. After about two months, this adult pit bull terrier’s sensitive, loving personality is coming through. She’ll greet you with a wagging tail and stand or sit next to you patiently as long as you keep the petting coming. If you sit on the floor, she’ll flop down next to you and gaze up at you with those warm amber eyes, asking for a belly rub. If you keep it up long enough, she’ll fall asleep on the spot!

Coco has shown great manners in her foster home, and her foster dad says she learns rules quickly. She stays off the furniture and out of off-limits areas, is housetrained and will go into her crate when asked. When it’s time for a walk, this polite girl will sit and wait for your signal to follow instead of charging out the door. On the leash, she’ll stay by your side and usually will even sit and wait when you stop.

Coco has become best buddies with her foster home’s resident dog. The two love to wrestle, and they even share toys, eat and sleep together. Coco would likely fit right in with a family that has another dog about her size. However, she views cats the same way she views squirrels – as something to hunt and chase!

Coco’s foster dad says she has a medium energy level and would make a great companion for someone who likes to go on regular walks or jogs. She loves to be outside, sniffing and investigating every corner of the yard – but she’ll come bounding toward you if you call her name!

Though Coco is a submissive dog, she can get anxious around strange dogs she encounters outside the house, and she is sometimes frightened by loud noises. These reactions are probably just due to the fact that Coco has not had much exposure to other dogs and unfamiliar situations. She could use someone to help her build her confidence.

Soon Coco will begin a four-week training course at the Lee Mannix Center for Canine Behavior. It would be wonderful if someone from her new forever family could finish out the course with her – they would get a free jumpstart on training at home! Could you be the one to help this little tigress come into her own? Give her a chance, and you’ll be rewarded with a lifetime of affection from this gorgeous, loving girl.

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